An adapted living space

An adapted living space

At Le Groupe Maurice, all care units and common areas have been adapted to meet the needs of the care unit residents.

A highly secure environment

certification-msssWhen it comes to offering our residents a pleasant living space, security is a high priority. This is why all of our residences are certified by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux and each unit is outfitted with an emergency call system, sprinkler system, and heat and smoke detectors.

Every residence is equipped with a safety plan, and evacuation procedures are also clearly and accessibly posted in case of an emergency.

The residences are secure environments with controlled access. All corridors are wide and outfitted with support bars. Security cameras also provide 24-hour surveillance of the premises.


Spaces for particular needs

salle-a-manger-soinsResidence care units are located together in a specific section of our residential complexes.

These wings also have their own common areas, including a dining room and lounge offering a warm atmosphere with inviting décor.

There’s no place like home, but when life requires you to leave that home, whether for a short or long time period, it’s important to have that same feeling of “home” at your new place of residence.


aires-communes-chaleureusesThis is why we have taken particular care with the décor while designing each unit and common area, to ensure that each residence has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We encourage all our residents to bring personal items to make their living spaces feel more like home.