Healthcare professionals, here for you

Healthcare professionals, here for you

Working with seniors means more than just providing care—smiles, friendly gestures, comforting words, and individual attention are all equally important. Compassion plays a big part in all activities at Le Groupe Maurice and our care staff highly value sharing these friendly interactions with the residents every day.


A certified, qualified, and multidisciplinary team, on-site 24/7

Healthcare professionals, here for you

A full-time registered nurse is on-site at each residence to provide ongoing care and advice while ensuring the residents’ well-being.

Nursing assistants and care attendants are also present at the residence 24/7 to provide emergency services.

Our team of dedicated professionals receives continuous training on how to respond to clients’ specific needs, working with conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and treating all residents to which the level of respect they are entitled.

We ensure that our team members have the tools and knowledge they need to make decisions and provide services that put our residents first.

Medical appointments and pharmaceutical services are also available in all our care residences. This allows us to ensure that the various specialists providing care for our residents can keep up to date on each resident’s health status.


Multidisciplinary services facilitated by our computerized care system

Baptisé SOFI, pour Our computerized care-management system, SOFI (Soins Organisation Facilité Intérêts) allows us to keep digital medical records for our residents.

This allows the various professionals involved with the residents’ care to consult, update, annotate, and print the information they need in real time with just a few clicks, all while maintaining client confidentiality.

Being able to quickly access residents’ complete records is invaluable in optimizing the quality of monitoring and services.


Numeric Service Another advantage of computerized records is that they ensure the transparency and smooth flow of information at all times for all parties concerned (residents, families, doctors, pharmacists, attendants, and nurses), while significantly reducing the risk of error.

In short, as a more comprehensive and efficient system than paper records, SOFI allows us to know you better and anticipate your expectations while offering you more personalized service.