Ongoing resident support for a healthy lifestyle

Ongoing resident support for a healthy lifestyle

From an occasional helping hand to more comprehensive assistance, our team is here to assist you during your stay in any way we can.

Prevention first

repérageWe work every day to ensure that our residents maintain their long-term health. Even though many conditions are treatable, prevention and early detection are naturally most important.

This is why, in addition to responding to our clients’ occasional needs and requests, our healthcare teams meet with our independent residents about once a year to evaluate their health status and lifestyle. Checking in this way allows us to quickly identify any needs and prevent the aggravation of existing conditions or deterioration of health, to ensure our residents’ continued independence.

We also encourage an active lifestyle and a healthy diet so that residents can stay fit for as long as possible.

Changing needs

residence-evolutiveWith time, we may need a little extra care and assistance from others to make our daily lives easier and more comfortable.

For this reason, optional services, such as medication management and assistance with bathing, are also offered to service-apartment residents, so that they can remain in their units as long as possible.

If a resident’s state of health requires more sustained and permanent care, moving to a care unit is an option that would adequately meet their evolving needs. Care units provide a safe environment adapted to needs, allowing residents to continue living in the residence.