Specialized and personalized care packages—everything you need for peace of mind

Specialized and personalized care packages—everything you need for peace of mind

There are many health issues that can affect daily life for you or a loved one, whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, or a related condition; reduced physical autonomy resulting from a stroke, or temporary disability following an injury or surgery. Whether you are looking for temporary or long-term care, Le Groupe Maurice is here to support you through this moment and handle the details, no matter what the situation is, so you can have more peace of mind.


All-inclusive furnished studios

At Le Groupe Maurice, we offer care studios that include all the necessary amenities in addition to a fully personalized care and assistance program:


  • Studios equipped with adapted furnishings (electric bed, tables, easy chair, chair, TV, etc.)
  • Private bathroom
  • Heating, electricity
  • Cable TV, and air conditioning
  • Meals and snacks
  • Weekly housekeeping and laundry services
  • Bedclothes and towels


Residents of the studios can enjoy daily life in an accessible, easy-to-use space.


Fully personalized care

During the admissions process, the head of nursing care takes the time to carry out a full evaluation of each resident’s needs and expectations.

As there are various ways in which an individual’s autonomy may be reduced, everyone will have different needs. This evaluation allows our healthcare professionals to create an adapted care and assistance program for each resident.

This way, our committed staff can offer each individual the personalized care and assistance they truly need.


The life story at the heart of our services

Services produitsWe know that every resident has a unique personal and professional history as well as different favourite pastimes and interests.

So that we can get to know each resident, we take note of these important details in what we refer to as their "life story".

We keep this information on file so that we can offer personalized care and assistance programs, as well as activities, that let each resident feel at their best, while continuing to live life the way they did before coming to the residence.


These personalized service plans help residents:

  •  Work on comprehension, attention, memory, and language
  • Regain or compensate for reduced abilities
  • Adapt more easily to their condition and deal with frustration
  • Maintain motor skills
  • Build self-esteem through supervised activities designed to empower and provide a sense of accomplishment
  • Improve health for an enhanced quality of life

In our housing, care, and even recreational activities, we strive to go beyond just meeting the needs of individuals with reduced autonomy. Our objective is to provide residents with respectful and empathetic support every day, so that they can feel at home and continue to enjoy spending time visiting the people they care about and doing the activities they love.