Highly secure residences

Highly secure residences

Everyone needs to feel completely safe, regardless of their age. At Le Groupe Maurice, we know that a secure residence is integral to your comfort and quality of life.

Fail-safe building structures

Le Groupe Maurice’s residential complexes are all constructed with reinforced concrete and meet the industry’s highest standards of quality and safety. Every room and unit is outfitted with a sprinkler system as well as smoke and heat detectors.

The automatic sprinkler system is designed to quickly and effectively contain a fire in any given area at the earliest stages of detection.

The slightest alert also activates the electromagnetic fire doors in order to isolate a risk zone and reduce the chance of a fire spreading from its point of origin.

Surveillance cameras

Each residence is equipped with a number of surveillance cameras operating 24 hours a day. These cameras monitor the exterior of the buildings, the parking areas, the elevators, the pool, and several common areas and hallways. The recorded video is archived so that residences can access past recordings if required.

On-site staff, 24 hours a day

Staff is on site 24/7 to respond to emergency calls and ensure the security of the premises. Every room in your apartment and in the common areas is equipped with an emergency button to call for help if needed, day or night.

Secure access

To keep each residential complex secure, doors, including the main entrance doors, can only be accessed using an electronic access card, and the garage doors, by remote control. This system allows us to regulate access to the buildings and verify the identities of those entering and leaving them. Access cards and remote controls are systematically deactivated if lost, or when a resident or staff member departs.