Request for Access to Personal Information

The personal information you provide to us is confidential. It is protected and treated in accordance with the law.

Identification of the person
making the request
Information about
the request
Indicate the residence or business concerned by the request, if applicable.
Indicate the individual concerned by the request.
Indicate the address of the individual concerned by the request.
Nature of the request
Select the request(s) that concern you
Please specify the information or documents you wish to obtain, and/or the information you wish to correct. If a time period is relevant, please indicate it.
Briefly explain the reason(s) behind your request.
If you are seeking disclosure of personal information and you are not the individual concerned, please specify the capacity in which you are making the request.
Supporting documents may be required to justify your capacity.

Your request will be forwarded to Le Group Maurice's Personal Information Protection Officer, who will ensure that it is processed.