Alain Champagne addresses the Canadian Club of Montreal


The philosophy of Le Groupe Maurice is based on the deep conviction that the value of an individual does not diminish with age. On the contrary, it increases as their wealth of knowledge and experience grows year after year. This is what Alain Champagne emphasized during the conference of the Canadian Club of Montreal on April 22nd.

Toward a Quebec where living AND ageing are cherished

The Canadian Club of Montreal is a forum for exchange and collaboration that allows business leaders to share their strategies and viewpoints on important issues. By coming together, members of the Club explore opportunities for progress toward a better world.

During the conference, Alain Champagne, President and CEO of Le Groupe Maurice, took the opportunity to underscore the significance of acknowledging the role of the older people in society. He particularly shed light on the relevance of seniors’ residences in Quebec, showcasing the history, vision and involvement of Le Groupe Maurice.

As more than 37,000 people reach the age of 75 each year in Quebec over the coming decades, it’s crucial to recognize the true value of aging. This challenge demands concerted action from all of us. Alain Champagne therefore urged for a collective awakening, highlighting the potential for everyone to become a catalyst for change, thus making Quebec a place where living AND aging are both cherished!

The Groupe Maurice Commitment

Before an audience of over 330 people, Alain Champagne also paid tribute to his predecessor, Luc Maurice, and to the pioneers who have contributed to shaping and transforming the Quebec private seniors’ residences (PSR) industry in recent years. Their vision, centered on the well-being and lifestyle choices of the elderly rather than solely focusing on medical aspects of ageing, was highly praised as a relevant model for senior housing.

Driven by strong principles, Alain Champagne aims to reinforce the company’s stance on valuing the older persons. He has, in fact, cast an optimistic outlook on the future, encouraging both public and private sectors to continue working together to effectively secure the future of PSRs and further promote positive aging in society.

“To age is to pursue one’s destiny, to live life fully once more. To age is to feel useful and valued again and again… it’s to feel more ALIVE than ever. Rest assured, we will double our efforts to advocate for the older persons and persist in promoting a just image of aging,” he declared.

During this inspiring conference, Alain Champagne emphasized that aging is the greatest privilege of human existence and stressed the importance of changing unconscious biases surrounding age. By being mindful of this and fully valuing seniors, we will reinforce the fundamental pillars of our world.

Far from being a burden, aging is an integral part of life, where every moment matters. So let’s unite our efforts to promote successful aging throughout Quebec and even beyond our borders!

Because to age is to live!

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