For Le Groupe Maurice – To age is to live!


Beginning March 4th, Le Groupe Maurice will reaffirm its commitment to the appreciation and normalization of ageing. This approach will be exemplified through its upcoming advertising campaign, highlighting its new corporate slogan: “To age is to live.”

 “To age is to live”: a simple, yet profoundly genuine concept

Given that ageing is frequently viewed negatively in the collective imagination—hindering actions to adequately address the increasing needs of seniors—Le Groupe assumes the responsibility, whenever possible, to reinforce its role as an advocate for better ageing in society.

Our elderly warrant greater consideration and respect, given their wealth of knowledge and experience. Thus, it’s imperative to persist in combating unconscious biases and prejudices associated with age. Growing older represents an extraordinary chapter in life when acknowledged as such; a chance to embrace the gift of life and living!

Thus, by focusing its new advertising campaign around the assertion “To age is to live,” Le Groupe Maurice aims to convey to the public that ageing is a privilege. It means still being able to embrace one’s passions, dreams, and aspirations every day. It’s merely “living” a realization that resonates with its simplicity and truth.

“Through this campaign, our aim is for every individual to be acknowledged in their entirety, in their uniqueness, with their strengths and wealth of knowledge, regardless of age. The worth of each person does not diminish with age; quite the contrary. So, let’s prove together that ageing is a joyous journey… in one’s own unique way,” elaborates Véronique Proulx, Senior Marketing Director at Le Groupe Maurice.

The deep commitment shown by all involved in this project is a moving testament to people’s alignment with human values and the genuine cause advocated by Le Groupe Maurice.

Ultimately, ageing is about living with purpose and authenticity. As long as we’re alive, there are always new adventures to embark upon and new memories to make. Ageing stands as the ultimate privilege in the human experience.