To age is to live… yet again!

|President's Blog

Each tumultuous global period reminds us of the privilege we have to live in a peaceful country where every effort is made, as much as possible, to ensure our well-being. Each period of societal upheaval brings me back to the responsibility we have, first to ourselves, but also to others, to remember that being healthy, safe… and alive, is a privilege. Now more than ever, I wish to grow old – for a long time. Because it’s somewhat of a gift. “To age is to live!” I’m proud that we’ve chosen this statement as our new corporate signature.

These simple words, with profound depth and unprecedented significance, inevitably lead me back to what truly matters. They possess an undeniable simplicity and truth. Ageing may be the result of time’s impact on the body, but this very passage of time allows us to gain knowledge, maturity and experience. Ageing is not an adversary; rather, it is an ally! The fact that we’re celebrating 25 years of longevity at Le Groupe Maurice this year is remarkable. It signifies that we have achieved an unparalleled level of entrepreneurial maturity, enabling us to wholeheartedly embrace our corporate signature To age is to live!

Our confidence and credibility, stemming from our experience and understanding of the realities of seniors, have led us to become champions for better ageing in society – and rightfully so. Just look at the enthusiasm surrounding the annual October 1st Seniors’ March, in which we proudly take part. The number of participants grows each year, serving as clear evidence! I was both surprised and deeply moved to see people of all generations joining the event. This, to me, confirms that the cause of the elderly is resonating more and more with each person. In fact, it is at the point where it can now be considered a “unifying cause,” generating unprecedented collective mobilization. I have every reason to believe that Le Groupe Maurice has played a significant role in this.

I am proud to say to anyone who is willing to listen, that I work within an organization that values diversity and inclusion; one that accepts and appreciates the differences and individuality of people. I am extremely happy that we have finally reached this “social milestone”, and that Le Groupe Maurice is part of the movement. And this is thanks to our humane and compassionate values, including a commitment to environmental considerations in the company’s decision-making.

It’s a sign of progress, of evolution. However, since growing older inherently means we’re alive, and that “as long as there is life, there is hope,” why is there still a negative connotation attached to the concept of aging? A deeper understanding is certainly required if we wish to shift this perception. This is where the actions of Le Groupe Maurice truly come into play.

The company’s desire to accelerate its progress in this direction, that is, to continue positively influencing and raising awareness among both individuals and businesses about the pressing need to advance the cause of seniors, is undoubtedly the reason why I can envision a future where I see myself “ageing.” Because to age is to live, I hope to one day be an “elderly” colleague or an “old” friend; but above all, an “elderly” partner and father. I genuinely hope to live long enough to witness all that we will have achieved if we continue along this path, given everything we’ve accomplished in our 25 years of existence. My life, at this point, will be fulfilled if I have the honour, even in a small way, of having contributed to it.

Let’s age together. For a long time. In a society that, I am convinced, will continue to value us even more for who we are.