Amid adversity, great teams truly shine

|President's Blog

The beginning of 2024 was characterized by strategic reflections and the setting of ambitious goals, aimed at propelling us forward, evolving and innovating to reach new heights. On a personal level, these days were also marked by a profoundly intense adventure: the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, in honour of my daughter Amélie and all those battling Lyme disease.

Today, returning from this journey that has stirred up a whirlwind of emotions, I’m more convinced than ever that the path we take is as meaningful as the destination it leads to. Many times, as I made my way up that ascent, I paused to look back over my shoulder. I thought about our past few months together, the cohesion and strength of our team. With each small step closer to my goal, I felt immense pride. Pride in the successes we’ve already achieved, even though the year has just begun. Pride and deep gratitude for these achievements that give us the opportunity to envision the future and look ahead, together, with confidence.

I realize that there are many parallels between a climb of this magnitude and what awaits us in the future. In both cases, we will sometimes face the unknown and must tackle challenges with courage, audacity, and perseverance. While we may need to follow guidance at times, it’s also up to us to pave the way, to inspire and encourage. In this regard, Le Groupe Maurice has played a crucial role in leading its entire industry to greater heights, thanks to every initiative and every action that becomes elevated in your hands. Your collaboration, dedication and human values lift us all. Thanks to each of you, I’ve enjoyed this unique adventure, my mind calm – drifting among the clouds.

Standing shoulder to shoulder to reach new heights

Our roots, just like our values, are solid. We will continue to build upon them to sustain and accelerate our growth, both within the province and across the country. Because beyond the pressing needs arising from an ageing population – for which RPAs undeniably offer a fitting solution – we are and must continue to be proud of this Quebecois model that appeals to and fulfils the desires of seniors who choose to live here.

We firmly believe that the influence and societal contribution of seniors do not diminish with age. That’s why listening to our clients, both current and future, remains a top priority for Le Groupe Maurice. We will actively seek out more opportunities to lend them our ear, providing them with the necessary space to inspire us and guide us. We will evolve alongside them, as we’ve had the privilege of doing for over 25 years.

As we ascend to greater heights, it’s natural to feel breathless, and facing monumental societal challenges can be dizzying. Yet, let’s pause to glance back over our shoulders and take pride in how far we’ve come. Together, we’ll keep celebrating both our small victories and major milestones. When challenges arise, we’ll stand united and find solutions. For it is amid adversity, that the resilience of great teams truly shines!

Standing tall to improve our collective fate

Recognized for its steadfast commitment to enhancing customer experience, Le Groupe Maurice now sets forth to do the same for its employees. This extends beyond merely treating people well. We aspire for our workplaces, akin to our residences, to be environments that acknowledge and nurture everyone’s potential. Environments characterized by respect, safety and a sense of value and commitment. Because much like climbing a mountain, while progress may sometimes be faster alone, it is together that we truly go so much further.

Our desire to make a real difference in the community also motivates our wish to further formalize our ESG commitment (Environmental, Social and Governance criteria). I am pleased that Le Groupe Maurice, driven by compassionate and human values, is already part of the movement. I’m also grateful that the environment is considered in our corporate decisions, as are the principles of inclusion and diversity (EDI). However, I am equally convinced that we can always do more to improve the collective well-being. This is beyond just a “trendy” topic; it’s a necessity, and we will take nothing for granted.

So, my dear colleagues, while I’m driven to achieve the heights we’re aiming for together, I want you to know that I treasure the journey to get there even more. It’s the path where I walk alongside you, with pride; enjoying our heartfelt exchanges, our growing collaboration, our laughter and the discovery of new paths.

Fresh from my journey to Kilimanjaro, I’m filled with gratitude for the adventure, but also for the precious bonds that connect us – here, as well as at the highest peaks…