45NORD: Far more than a retirement!


Living at 45Nord is so much more than a retirement: it’s a lifestyle!


Good news! The construction of 45Nord is going well, which allows us to affirm with great happiness that you will see the opening of this wonderful residence in Mascouche as planned. Reservations are also going very well! I’m pleased to say that over 140 units have already been reserved. But fear not, some lovely apartments are still available.

The best advice I can give you is to surround yourself with the right people when it comes to choosing a new living environment. Moving into a residence is a positive life change, but it requires a lot of organization. It’s a major decision!

So give us a call, with no strings attached. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you at the rental office!

Louis Desjardins – Director, New Markets and Marketing


Update on construction


  • 100% of the concrete structure is completed
  • 100% of the exterior walls have been built
  • 100% of the roofing is done
  • 95% of the metal stud wall framing is done
  • 85% of plumbing and electrical work is completed
  • 80% of the interior parking is completed


45NORD is…

Already more than 140 units reserved! Reserve yours now.


Discover 45Nord… on your screen!

A virtual tour of 45Nord is currently online HERE! You can see into every corner of the residence, at your own pace and according to your preferences, in the comfort of your living room. Get an idea of your future living environment… before you even live there!


The finer things in life

The love of good things is what inspired Le Groupe Maurice to adopt the Fine Cuisine vision in its kitchens. Our back-to-the-land enthusiasm translates into the use of vegetables, meats and herbs that our grandparents and parents used to cook, and that are ingrained in us, in our memories and our past.


Come meet us !

Rental office

2930, Avenue de l’Esplanade, Local 3

Mascouche QC J7K 0K9

(450) 235-3073