Fine cuisine and table service

Fine cuisine and table service

From the delectable new dishes to the quality service, our chefs and their teams have the recipe for an unforgettable culinary experience.


Enjoy eating well every day

cuisine-savoureuseYou love to treat yourself to great cooking but don’t always want to slave over a hot stove—something we understand!

That’s why Le Groupe Maurice has a table waiting for you in the dining room, where you can enjoy tasty, nutritious cuisine designed and prepared on site by your residence’s chef and kitchen staff.

Your taste buds will appreciate the various menus and à la carte dishes available for lunch and dinner, not to mention the multitude of themed events, birthdays and other celebrations, during which you’ll savour a world of flavours, year-round.

There are various options to suit your particular needs: you can purchase meals separately or buy a non-expiring booklet of 30, or just add a monthly package to your lease. Even if you’re a master cook yourself, the dining room menu is sure to be to your taste!


A welcoming dining room

salle-a-manger-invitanteAn exquisite meal isn’t complete without great service. Our residences’ welcoming dining rooms bring unparalleled service right to your table, 365 days a year.

You’ll get to know the team dedicated to making each of your meals a great one from start to finish, and they’ll get to know your tastes and routines so they can offer you the best possible service.

You can count on them to respond to your requests, offer suggestions, and ensure you leave satisfied after every meal.


For your private and family events

repas-organiseDo you want to host an event for your friends, family, or neighbours, but need more room than your unit offers?

Our residences’ private dining rooms are there for all your family and private get-togethers.

Elegant, spacious and comfortable, our dining rooms provide an intimate setting for sharing great moments and celebrating with your loved ones.

Once you make a reservation, the kitchen staff and servers will take care of the rest. Bon appétit!