Cultivating talent through continuous development: a Groupe Maurice priority

|Human ressources

The business world is grappling with a labour shortage and experiencing its significant repercussions. Both private and public organizations must now double their efforts to attract and retain their workforce if they want to stay competitive. To meet the challenges of today’s job market, we at Le Groupe Maurice have opted to invest in continuous training and skill development for our employees, among other strategies.

Why such a commitment?

Because we’ve always had the desire to adapt to the demanding societal landscape and meet the evolving needs of seniors and employees most effectively. For us, evolution is about staying relevant, and this philosophy is even more pertinent in a post-pandemic world. To remain a leader in the seniors’ residences’ industry and sustain the positive impact we have on society, it’s crucial to invest in our employees and leverage their strengths.

Therefore, in order to cultivate an atmosphere at our headquarters and in our residences where creativity and innovation play a central role in decision-making, we strongly believe that continuous skill development is essential. This benefits everyone and serves as an excellent means to stay informed about the latest practices, emerging technologies, and industry trends. For these and various other reasons, we’ve implemented corporate training programs such as Destination Leader and Synergy.

The Destination Leader Program

Launched in 2020, the Destination Leader training program focuses on enhancing the skills of our managers. Their leadership plays a critical role in engaging and retaining employees. After all, isn’t it true that a good leader is better equipped to assist their team in reaching its goals when they have the right tools to guide and motivate them? The ultimate objective is to establish a unique and appealing corporate culture for new employees, and with effective managers in place, this goal becomes achievable.

Destination Leader is, thus, a comprehensive training program rolled out in our 35 residences and at our head office, involving nearly 300 managers. The program offers a range of diverse, dynamic, and flexible training strategies spread over a 3-year period. The core idea behind these training initiatives is to emphasize long-term professional growth rather than short-term performance.

Destination Leader was created to cover four themes each year, allowing for knowledge acquisition through e-learning modules, peer discussions, hands-on field application and individual coaching. With this program, managers go beyond merely enhancing their skills; rather, they leverage collective intelligence through shared experiences to reinforce their learning.

The Synergy Program

The Synergy program, on the other hand, is aimed squarely at advisors and head office professionals who have regular interactions with the residences. The main goal of this initiative is to foster trust, improve communication, and enhance teamwork between head office employees and residence staff. Therefore, this training program prioritizes human relationships by assisting participants in developing soft skills. We introduced Synergy in 2022.

The program is organized around a training strategy that incorporates conferences, learning modules, dialogue and co-development sessions, and coaching forums. By creating a genuine synergy between the head office and the residences, Le Groupe Maurice aims to enhance team agility by promoting the sharing of ideas, new knowledge, and the search for solutions across four key themes.

However, beyond the professional development they provide, these two training programs are also part of a personal growth initiative. By acquiring more knowledge and skills, participants are empowered to foster humane, healthy, compassionate, and harmonious working relationships. Autonomy, trust, and an awareness of the importance of each team member will be emphasized, ultimately leading to heightened workplace happiness.

Through its continuous training programs, Le Groupe Maurice aims to make the organization even more stimulating and fulfilling, allowing it to continue its mission of remaining an influential and positive leader in the seniors’ residences’ industry!