a friendly companion that will help residents stay active


In March, seniors’ residences Le Gibraltar (Quebec City) and Margo (Lévis) welcomed Cutii, a friendly robot companion on wheels that’s dedicated to the well-being of residents.


Le Groupe Maurice teamed up with Laval University’s CIRRISresearch centre on rehabilitation and integration and social enterprise Alaviva to participate in a research and innovation project featuring Cutii, a companion care robot.

Cutii was greeted with a warm welcome when it first arrived at Le Gibraltar and Margo. The teams and residents were eager to say hello to their new neighbour, which seemed to enjoy all the attention!

Cutii will support the work of the teams at the residences by offering activities at Signature care units and connecting residents with their families and care providers. The social assistance robot is the latest innovation aimed at improving daily life for residents, joining the ranks of the SOFI health software solution and the THÉIA mobile app which gives residents access to daily info in just one click.


Cutii helps residents have fun and stay in contact

Developed by French company CareClever, Cutii improves the well-being of seniors by facilitating socialization and encouraging physical activity and mental stimulation.

A visit to the museum without stepping outside your door? Cutii can do that! A live Spanish lesson? Por supuesto! A self-massage workshop? Relax and enjoy! Cutii offers numerous activities and will help out the teams at the residences, offering residents more possibilities.

Cutii not only helps residents stay in top form physically and mentally, it also encourages and facilitates communication with family, friends and care providers. Through a mobile app, users can even control Cutii’s movements. For example, a resident can go on their daily walk accompanied by a family member thanks to Cutii. That means more opportunities to spend quality time with our loved ones.

Stay tuned! Cutii will be arriving soon at all Le Groupe Maurice residences.