Equity, diversity and inclusion: Doing a little more, doing it a little better, doing it every day.

|President's Blog

I will soon be celebrating my first year at Le Groupe Maurice, where I’ve been warmly embraced with kindness and open-mindedness. I immediately sensed that I could be true to myself, think differently and freely express my views. But above all, I felt I could contribute to the mission – in my own way. It may sound trivial, but to me, it’s crucial. Indeed, over the years and through my experiences, I’ve firmly come to believe that the most successful environments are those that respect each individual’s uniqueness; acknowledging their own way of being and thinking.

Every new employee and every new resident should feel this way. Every person who comes to work or who lives in our residences, whether it be our head office or elsewhere, should show their authentic self and unique qualities, thereby reflecting their individual life experiences which define who they are.

I am writing these lines in the conditional because, despite the significance we attribute to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at Le Groupe Maurice, I do not presume there isn’t room for further improvement or that it’s the reality experienced by everyone. And because all progress begins with awareness, I find it fitting to take advantage of the recent Canadian Multiculturalism Day (June 27) and Pride Month to delve into this topic, which I deem of utmost importance, through this blog post.

Just as precise definitions and detailed practices surround the concepts of EDI, for me, a successful organization in this regard is simply a place where every individual feels not only comfortable but also proud to be their authentic selves. It is, in my opinion, one of the greatest challenges for a company, yet also one of the most significant ones.

Le Groupe Maurice was built on deep human values from the outset. Our company culture is inherently characterized by a predisposition towards kindness and a natural sense of empathy. As trailblazers in the fight against ageism, we are committed to dismantling barriers and challenging stereotypes – it’s ingrained in our DNA. It is by leaning on these foundations that we will capitalize to create an even more inclusive environment that fosters meaningful exchanges and enriching encounters.

And because I am convinced that it is through our differences that we innovate, I consider it my duty to unabatingly align myself with each of our living environments, every workplace and every individual – residents and employees of Le Groupe Maurice – who from our work community. More specifically, this year I aim to embody our commitments by continuing to create even more opportunities for exchange and openness towards others. This includes regular visits to residents that teach me something new each time, monthly gatherings at the headquarters, warm welcome breakfasts and even welcome days for employees at the opening of a new complex. Additionally, just as with the screening of the documentary “Le dernier placard – Vieillir gai” and the exhibition by the Fondation Émergence showcasing portraits of LGBTQ2S+ seniors and professionals, we will increase our efforts to raise awareness and provide education on diversity. Regardless of whether it’s related to social status, religion, disabilities, gender identity or expression, language, sexual orientation, beliefs and more, we’ll actively engage in initiatives that promote understanding and celebrate our differences.

Of course, to be ambassadors of our reality, we need to understand it. In the coming months, we will be undertaking an initiative to deepen our understanding of our workforce representation. This will enable us to broaden our horizons and collectively reflect on our existing policies.

While the foundation of interpersonal skills at Le Groupe Maurice is already robust, it’s essential that we acknowledge the contributions of each individual around us on a daily basis. We must continue our efforts to initiate conversations with others, learn to recognize our differences, embrace our similarities and have open discussions about diversity so that we can inclusively incorporate it with respect; striving to do so a little more and a little better every day. Moreover, I consider it a top organizational priority.