Le Groupe Maurice celebrates Terrebonne’s 350th anniversary!


Terrebonne turns 350 in 2023. Celebrating 350 years of existence is an impressive feat, and as an event sponsor, Le Groupe Maurice is naturally keen to mark the occasion. How? By hosting the launch of the book Terrebonne. Ses moulins. Ses habitants. Son territoire 1673-2023, produced by the Société du patrimoine et de l’histoire de Terrebonne. Find out more about this milestone event, filled with pride and humanity.

A story of life, community, and pride

October 10, 2023, was an important date for Terrebonne. For the first time since the city was created, it was able to witness the birth of a book chronicling its history from its beginnings in 1673 to 2023, just in time for its 350th anniversary!

This history book is the result of close collaboration among several distinguished members of the Société du patrimoine et de l’histoire de Terrebonne (SPHT). And as the exclusive partner of this unique volume, Le Groupe Maurice was proud to host the official launch at its Terrebonne residence, Floréa.

Project launch

Established in Terrebonne since 2016, Le Groupe Maurice’s residence contributes annually to heritage experiences in the region. For several years, it has been a partner of the Société de Développement Culturel de Terrebonne (SODECT). This certainly enables Floréa’s seniors to take part in various cultural activities and get more involved in their community!

The launch of the book Terrebonne. Ses moulins. Ses habitants. Son territoire 1673-2023 was another opportunity for Floréa to reaffirm its commitment and sense of belonging to its city. The event took place in the private lounge on the residence’s 8th floor, in the company of a number of important guests, including Raymond Paquin, President of the SPHT; Cassandra Smith, General Manager of the SPHT; Mathieu Traversy, the city’s mayor; Claude Blouin, author and project lead, and Nathalie Sinclair-Desgagné, Member of Parliament.

After the official speeches and the presentation of copies to the various guests, a book sale and signing session by the authors was organized on the main floor, to the delight of the residents and the team.

“Le Groupe Maurice has been in Terrebonne for 7 years now. Seven years during which we’ve had time to put down roots, be involved in the community and grow with it. Many of Floréa’s residents have made Terrebonne the city it is today, and so it was an honour to host this book launch on our premises. We’re part of the city’s present, but also of its future, and this involvement means a lot to us!” says Alexandre Laurin, Floréa’s General Manager.

Large-scale festivities

The book launch was not the only event celebrating Terrebonne’s 350th anniversary. A number of festivities have been held this year so far, and the program, in keeping with this historic anniversary, highlights the collaboration and pride of the community and its commitment to this city.

Every detail has been thought out to put Terrebonne and its heritage in the spotlight, right down to a logo and the slogan, 350 ans et toujours festive. 350 years of existence means 350 years of history and adventures that have shaped the city’s landscape and are now shaping its future.

In the coming months, a number of celebrations will be held in different Terrebonne neighbourhoods: a grand ball, a costume party, a play, an exhibition, a choir, a parade, a podcast and even an evening of traditional and intergenerational dancing for residents of Floréa, 45Nord and the surrounding areas.

Many thanks to the Société du patrimoine et de l’histoire de Terrebonne and the Floréa team for respectively organizing and hosting such a wonderful event. It’s a privilege for Le Groupe Maurice to have been part of this initiative, and to have contributed to the past, present and future of Terrebonne!