Le Groupe Maurice games: A winning formula

|Leisure activities

At Le Groupe Maurice, summer is synonymous with sunny days, barbecues and festivities—and not just any festivities! Throughout the month of August, residents had the chance to participate for the very first time in a special recreational event: the Le Groupe Maurice Games.

A varied program

You’re probably wondering what the Le Groupe Maurice Games are all about. In summary, it’s a friendly competition aimed at promoting healthy ageing through physical, intellectual and cultural activities. In August, each residence was invited to organize at least 4 official competitive events in order to participate in the Games. The heads of recreation also had the chance to add more events of their choice.

This year, the residences rose to the challenge and did a fantastic job organizing various events that the residents thoroughly enjoyed. The events included, among others, musical quizzes, contests of general knowledge, timed puzzles and beer pong tournaments (with moderation, of course!).

But that’s not all! One event had competitors estimate the time it would take to complete a planned itinerary and then arrive at the exact time they indicated, testing the residents’ prediction skills.

From washer toss to ladder ball, contests of strength and Kahoot quizzes, there was something for everyone to participate in. One resident from the L’Avantage complex even led a conference on the Olympic Games. Philippe Saint-Cyr had been a weightlifting representative with the Canadian Olympic Committee from 1972 to 1997 and worked on several Olympic Games until 2008, a fascinating experience that he enthusiastically shared with other residents

The big winners of Le Groupe Maurice games: fun and friendship

The Le Groupe Maurice Games were an opportunity to bring residents together around a spirit of friendly competition. Judging by the enthusiasm around this initiative, we can safely say that the residents had a fun time. In recognition of the efforts made and the teamwork displayed, honorary participation certificates were awarded. Some residences even organized closing ceremonies with medals and podiums.

We’d like to thank Le Groupe Maurice’s heads of recreation as well as all the volunteers who ensured that the event ran smoothly. Their involvement and tremendous dedication help make Le Groupe Maurice residences a great place to live where well-being and excellence reign supreme. A big bravo to all the organizers and participants!