Le Groupe Maurice pedals for Parkinson


The 13th edition of the Défi Vélo Parkinson Quebec recently took place on August 26th. This sporting event, which brings together many participants each year, has the mission of raising funds to support research as well as various programs dedicated to helping individuals living with Parkinson’s disease. As taking action for a noble cause is ingrained in Le Groupe Maurice’s DNA, it was a natural step for us to embrace the challenge with two very determined and enthusiastic cycling teams!

Passion in action!

Are you aware that Parkinson’s disease ranks as the second most prevalent neurodegenerative disorder globally, right after Alzheimer’s disease? Appearing around the age of 65 on average, this chronic condition currently impacts over 8.5 million people worldwide, with nearly 25,000 of them living here in Quebec.

Every day, Parkinson Quebec strives to raise awareness among the population about this disease and to assist the Parkinson’s community through various charitable efforts. Its Défi Vélo, established in 2010, is precisely part of this initiative: bringing together cycling enthusiasts through a sports and philanthropic endeavor to raise funds for the fight against the disease.

Physical activity is highly recommended for individuals with Parkinson’s. It serves as a complementary therapeutic approach alongside medication to slow progression of the disease. Therefore, organizing a cycling challenge seems quite fitting to support the cause. And given that Parkinson’s is often associated with ageing, Le Groupe Maurice didn’t hesitate to show its support for the Quebec-based organization and the cause it champions!

Le Groupe Maurice teams triumph!

For this 13th edition, the Défi Vélo retained its hybrid format: participants could either pedal during the in-person event on August 26th or take part by accumulating kilometres during their personal bike rides until September 30th. By offering these two ways to complete the challenge, Parkinson Quebec can involve a greater number of cyclists and donors who are eager to contribute to the movement.

The in-person event that took place at Oka National Park was, once again, a tremendous success this year! Under a radiant sun, perfect for pedalling the roads, the 205 participants navigated the various tree-lined routes they chose according to their skill level (40, 60 or 100 km distances).

“Riding in the Défi Vélo was a way for me to blend the practical with the pleasurable; engaging in a sport I love, while supporting a cause that’s close to my heart. This initiative enables us to make a difference both literally and figuratively, and in this case, every kilometre counts!”, shared Patrick Chartrand, a graphic designer at Le Groupe Maurice who participated in the 100 km route.

The overall goal of this challenge is to raise $250,000 by September 30th. As of August 26th, the two Le Groupe Maurice teams of six cyclists each, managed to collect $13,690 on their own! This amount reflects generous contributions, including a $6,000 sponsorship from Le Groupe Maurice, individual donations totaling $6,090 and a benefaction of $1,600 from the Luc Maurice Foundation through its donation matching program. Since any act of solidarity perfectly aligns with the values of Le Groupe Maurice and its Foundation, it’s an honour to have participated in fundraising for this cause.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the generous donors and the twelve cyclists who enthusiastically embraced the Défi Vélo wearing the colours of Le Groupe Maurice. Your support and collective spirit are propelling scientific progress day by day towards enhancing the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease. Congratulations to everyone involved!