More than ever, Le Groupe Maurice is committed to the fight against ageism

Some say wellness is a habit to be nurtured. At Le Groupe Maurice, we’re determined to make this motto a concrete reality. That entails waging a constant battle against ageism. This year, we are once again doing our utmost to overturn preconceived notions about the elderly. We’ll be realizing this through the third instalment of our I Am a Senior of Tomorrow campaign, which is scheduled to debut on September 4th.

A proven approach to combat ageism

Respect is not a question of age, but rather of raising awareness and communicating values. At Le Groupe Maurice, we are quite conscious of this. It is what drives us to pursue our commitment to seniors, by taking a stand and actions against the scourge of ageism.

As in previous years, our aim is to address ageism so that we may demystify it, for both the seniors of today, and tomorrow. Because yes, aging concerns us all. Which is why it is essential to inform and inspire the population to change certain ageist attitudes that are oftentimes unintended, but nonetheless unfortunate.

An ad campaign to raise awareness

Our television commercial will once again engage the viewer using the powerful concept of aging people in real time. The objective is to encourage Quebecers to put themselves in the shoes of today’s seniors and to realize that we must act now – not ten years from now. Other versions of the concept are destined for print publications, posters and the Internet.

In tandem with the campaign will be a quiz aimed at overturning stereotypes and false ideas regarding old age. This, along with full details of our advertising campaign, can be found online at Furthermore, for each duly completed quiz, The Luc Maurice Foundation will donate two dollars to an organization working with seniors.

Yes! Now is the time to act. The key message of our campaign – Together, let’s choose a world without ageism — wasn’t chosen by accident. For it is by deciding to commit ourselves to the cause of seniors, that we can make a meaningful difference. And what better time to launch this initiative than during an election period, when the general populace is in a mood of reflection and awareness. By informing ourselves, furthering our knowledge and choosing accordingly, we all have the power to advance the cause of better ageing in society.

If you want to start somewhere and find a fun way to show support, we invite you to encourage the cause of seniors by participating in the great festive march of Un et un font mille, organized to mark Seniors’ Day. So… maybe we’ll see you at Jeanne-Mance Park in Montreal on October 1st to celebrate!

Either way, the time for all of us to take action against ageism, is now!


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