Poutine Festival arrives at the residences


In early February, Le Groupe Maurice residents got to enjoy delicious poutine as part of our Poutine Festival, an event dedicated to the iconic Quebec dish.

At Le Groupe Maurice, we believe that eating well is about serving up fresh, seasonal and local flavours. That’s what our Fresh Traditions program sets out to deliver. During the month of February, we featured a typical Quebec dish originating in Central Quebec that is delicious in its simplicity: poutine! Once looked down upon, poutine is now celebrated in Quebec and around the world. Did you know there’s a poutine festival in Chicago? The dish has even been served at the White House!

Being the gourmet enthusiasts that they are, the chefs at Le Groupe Maurice rolled up their sleeves to offer a gastronomic experience dedicated to this legendary dish. And while we still love the traditional poutine with its cheese curds and delicious brown gravy, there’s always room for innovation.

Residents got the chance to taste at least three different (and equally delicious) types of poutine:

  • The traditional, a great classic and our first love, still delivers comfort and reminds us of good times.
  • The chef’s choice, featuring the chef’s personal selection of ingredients. Because what you make says a lot about who you are. 😉
  • The gourmet, a chance for chefs to showcase an original and unconventional take on the classic dish.

So what were the creations concocted by our chefs? At Le Quartier Mont-Saint-Hilaire, residents got the chance to try poutine with ground beef and caramelized onions. At Le Félix, the shredded duck poutine with honey and red wine sauce was a huge hit. Residents at Le Gibraltar were served Gaspé-themed poutine by General Manager Valérie, while residents at Le Cavalier enjoyed creole poutine by Patricia, Director of Nursing Care. To top it off, several residences served a dessert poutine with churros, marshmallows and chocolate sauce. Yum!

Much more than delicious fare

Our Poutine Festival gave residents more than just the chance to eat to their hearts’ delight. Our chefs also organized various activities for the residents.

At the Boréa residence in Blainville, Chef Alexandre Latour and Head of Leisure Jonathan Droulet held a cooking workshop shown on the residence’s community channel. The entertaining program taught residents how to prepare a scrumptious pulled pork poutine. At the Elogia residence, Head of Leisure Marc-Olivier prepared a video capsule with lots of information about poutine. He even wore his poutine t-shirt for the occasion. Chef Pierre went even further, cooking up the team’s favourite poutines all week long!

Le Groupe Maurice’s Poutine Festival turned out to be a resounding success and we’re sure that everyone enjoyed their meals to the very last bite. We can’t wait to do it again!

Discover the Poutine Festival in photos: