Quartier Sud draws a memory


The Quartier Sud residence in Lévis recently sparkled with fellowship and creativity, as several retirees donated their musical talent to a noble cause. With the song Dessine-moi un souvenir (Draw Me a Memory), generously granted to Société Alzheimer Chaudière-Appalaches, these residents not only honour the important work of this organization, but also demonstrate their solidarity with their community.

The gift of a song

Music is so much more than merely a combination of notes and rhythms: it’s a universal language that embodies the very essence of human expression, capturing emotions, moods, and life stories.

Created as part of Le Groupe Maurice’s Sing Along! event, the song Dessine-moi un souvenir is the result of an inspiring collaboration between Marielyne Sauriol, recreation manager at the Quartier Sud residence, and volunteer residents.

The creative process was a symphony of talent. A writing committee, made up of several retirees with a passion for words, crafted the lyrics under the expert guidance of songwriter Claude Vallières. Marielyne Sauriol, who has a B.A. and an M.A. in music from Université Laval, brilliantly composed the melody. The harmony was then rounded out by arrangements from pianist emeritus Serge Normandeau, and singing master Pierrette Vigneault, who directed the residents’ choir.

This song by the Quartier Sud choir was recorded by LARC studio in Quebec City and immortalized for the public by a local Radio-Canada crew who came to capture the emotional, memory-filled moment.

A wonderful example of social responsibility

Beyond its creativity, Dessine-moi un souvenir embodies a message of hope and solidarity. By donating this song to Société Alzheimer Chaudière-Appalaches, the Quartier Sud residents are supporting a cause they believe in. For several years now, at the residences’ Christmas Markets, they have been raising funds for this noble organization, thereby participating in research and assistance programs for individuals and families affected by the disease.

The studio recording of this touching initiative was also made possible thanks to the financial support of Bernard Drainville, Member of National Assembly of Quebec for Lévis, who saw it as a fine example of Quartier Sud’s commitment to the community.

Dessine-moi un souvenir is much more than a song. It’s a vibrant ode to artistic flair, generosity, and commitment. It resonates like a hymn to life, performed by the united voices of those who believe in a better future, where memory is eternal and collective action is an indestructible force.

Thank you and congratulations to all those who helped give life to this wonderful project!