To my dear team…

|Luc Maurice

As at every year-end, I took the time to write a new year message to the employees of Le Groupe Maurice. I am pleased to share this message in full here today.


My Dear Friends,

It was 25 years ago that we opened the very first Le Groupe Maurice residence in Sainte-Thérèse. In all that time, you could say that I’ve been nourished by the love and warmth of the residents of this “favourite” place of mine. The same goes for New Year’s Eve, which I spend each year at Notre-Dame with my mother and the residents, sharing laughter, hugs and glances filled with memories that belong to us alone. Time passes, but nothing and no one can take away our history. So yes, traditions are sacred to me, and I particularly cherish them during the holidays when they are always occupied with emotion.

Now here is an example of the beautiful and great paradox of my life: as much as I love traditions, I thrive on innovation, progress and change. Every project that has entered my life has shaken up the one before it. Looking at the evolution of Le Groupe Maurice, one can easily conclude that this is an unequivocal truth. Gaining maturity, learning, growing… all ensure our survival. But for me, all are meaningless without respecting where everything began, and ultimately propelled us to where we are now. I think that when traditions coexist in harmony with change, the greatest ideas come to life, the most beautiful people are revealed, and the most enriching experiences are lived. Because they are authentic, no matter their scope. And it is at that moment, that they mark hearts.

These rituals and customs are all the more significant for me this year, as Le Groupe Maurice is celebrating its 25th birthday. A quarter of a century of wonderful stories we’ve written together. 25 years of asking questions, leaping ahead, dreaming of a bold new future. There were some painful setbacks, to be sure, but many glorious victories as well. And here we stand today, a mature and more than respectable “corporate adult.”

It is with immense pride, that I now embark on my future. It pleases me so much to know that some 14,000 residents are living a peaceful and pleasant retirement that suits them. I am proud of our three projects currently under construction, considering the enormous challenges that developers in the industry are currently facing. And I am almost complacent when thinking about the customer experience we offer our residents that, because of you, ensures their happiness – despite the inevitable unforeseen events. Finally, I am amazed when I still feel this ardent flame that you carry within you and that still shines so intensely. To all of you, then: a huge thank you!

This year was also marked by the arrival of someone who is every bit as kind and considerate as you. With Alain Champagne at the helm of Le Groupe Maurice, you have no idea how lucky you are and what an incredible adventure awaits. I envy you! And I am filled with tremendous enthusiasm and confidence knowing that you’re in expert hands to continue the mission we first set for ourselves 25 years ago.

You know, it’s not easy for me to let go of the reins of Le Groupe Maurice. That said, I realize without a doubt that Alain has what it takes to continue what we’ve created here, and to successfully lead us to our next step. I believe, just as strongly as I did on the company’s very first day, in our compassion and our leadership in tirelessly defending better ageing in society. We deserve to grow more and more, so that someday, we reach a venerable age with a sense of accomplishment by the good we have done for others.

For my part, in addition to remaining owner of the company, I will continue my enthusiastic involvement with projects of all kinds aimed at improving the day-to-day life of the elderly. I will as always, thoroughly enjoy meeting with residents and seniors alike, whether they live in a residence or not. I will also dedicate my efforts tenfold to my foundation and to the industry itself. There is still so much work to be done. I have, for a long time, entertained the somewhat crazy notion of building a thousand social housing units for seniors in need. For the past few months, this idea has started to become a reality, which is so very exciting to me!

I will conclude with a few words specifically for Alain.

Dear Alain, I take the liberty of wishing that the talented management team you now lead, fuels, as it has for me, the desire to constantly surpass yourself and achieve great things. With them at your side, virtually everything is possible. And not only can you count on their strength, knowledge and empathy, but also on the teams they’ve built in their image. You are now a fortunate member of a marvellous tight-knit family.

As for me, I will never be too far away. I’ll watch over all of you with kindness and respect, much like a grandfather you can count on. A proud grandfather who values you highly and is eternally grateful for all that you’ll accomplish. But above all, one who will ensure that the finest traditions continue… those that are especially close to our hearts.

Happy New Year, dear friends, and to your loved ones as well. 2023 will be a wonderful year. I have the faith of a patriarch!


Luc Maurice