Inauguration of the Kat Demes pavilion: Le Groupe Maurice is committed to the community


On January 23rd, the Montreal Children’s Hospital wrote a new chapter in its history with the inauguration of the Kat Demes Pavilion. Supported by the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, this significant project will provide substantial assistance to parents whose children are receiving critical care for illness or serious injuries. A remarkable initiative that was partly made possible thanks to the contribution of Le Groupe Maurice, reaffirming once again its commitment to the community.

A major milestone for Le Groupe Maurice

Beyond its core mission of enhancing the well-being of seniors, Le Groupe Maurice is also committed to improving community life through collaboration, sustainability, and solidarity within society. When the opportunity arose to get involved once again in an altruistic and innovative project, the organisation did not hesitate to answer the call.

Created to provide respite to families with children admitted to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the Kat Demes Pavilion transcends mere accommodation. Parents staying there will find opportunities for rejuvenation and to connect with others facing similar challenges, should they desire to do so.

This project was made possible through the immense generosity of donors, including Le Groupe Maurice, which contributed $2.7 million. This allowed for the indispensable pavilion to be constructed and come to life within its LIZ residence, located just steps away from the Children’s Hospital.

“Hosting a charitable organization within one of our residences is a major milestone for us! This initiative perfectly aligns with our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) vision and illustrates our commitment to expanding our efforts to make a real difference in the communities we serve. By combining our resources, knowledge, and respective skills, we’re able to achieve common goals for the well-being of society,” reveals Francis Gagnon, Chief Real Estate Development and Investment Officer.

Fostering intergenerational bonds

The opening of the Kat Demes Pavilion at LIZ has already generated genuine excitement among the residents. Many of them have expressed their desire to get involved with the Children’s Foundation, whether through activities, services, or emotional support. We can already predict that beautiful and meaningful encounters lie ahead…

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, human contact is essential for calming anxiety, boosting positive emotions and even strengthening the immune system. It’s impossible to ignore the sparkles in the eyes of the elderly when they mention the happiness, they feel in the company of their loved ones – especially their grandchildren. The proximity of the pavilion to LIZ could help facilitate the bonds between resident volunteers and the wider community, while also amplifying these sparks by spreading the warmth of grandparents beyond family ties.

Le Groupe Maurice’s involvement goes beyond the donation that facilitated the construction of this sanctuary. Alongside accommodating this important new space, the company also granted access to the parking and dining facilities of the residence to the teams of the Kat Demes Pavilion. By sharing these necessary areas, The Groupe further demonstrates its unwavering support for the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

It is a genuine honour, but above all a joy, for Le Groupe Maurice to contribute to a project as compassionate, and relevant as this. We hope that this inauguration not only signifies the creation of a new pavilion, but also marks the beginning of a journey rich in support, human connections, and intergenerational sharing in the future!