Le Groupe Maurice’s summer menu is a hit!

Anyone who loves sunshine and good food is in for a treat this year! To celebrate the nice weather, Le Groupe Maurice is renewing its summer tradition from June 24 to September 4, by offering the residents a Summer Menu with a twist: extra laughs and relaxation are on the menu. Let’s take a look at this delicious culinary initiative!

Flavour-infused dishes

It’s often said that summer is a season to be savoured without moderation. At Le Groupe Maurice, we like to enjoy life to the fullest, which is why we’re kicking off summertime on the right foot with a Summer Menu that’s worth checking out!

The point of this not-to-be-missed warm-weather event is to bring Le Groupe Maurice residents together for meals bursting with sunshine and flavour. In keeping with our Orientation fraîcheur philosophy, we have chosen to focus on fresh, local produce to offer our seniors meals that are as varied as they are appetizing.

Two BBQs a month are scheduled in all our residences, as well as a selection of five summer dishes a week on the regular menu. Brochettes, mixed salads, cold drinks, ice cream… there’s something for everyone!

Enthusiastic crowd

Launched at the end of June, this culinary initiative is an opportunity to get together with friends, sample some tasty summer recipes and awaken the senses.

One of the resident was even keen to share her impressions with us:

“At Sevä, you truly feel at home. The staff is like a second family: we know each other by our first names, we talk about everything, and we just feel great. There’s never a shortage of activities – and we eat like kings! This BBQ dinner was an absolute delight… I especially loved the Quebec strawberry dessert!”, said France Plourde, resident at Sevä.

At Le Groupe Maurice, we consider the pleasure of eating to be one of our top priorities. So, it’s a real pleasure to celebrate life through epicurean festivities and activities such as the Summer Menu, which brings together all the ingredients for a warm and indulgent experience.