The Innovator: Committed


Here is the latest issue of The Innovator, the official magazine of Le Groupe Maurice, published twice a year! This special issue is focused on the theme of commitment, in all its forms.

The Innovator: Diving headfirst into GSE

The December 2021 edition of The Innovator will plunge you into a major hot topic that you’ve surely heard about recently and that will soon be on everyone’s lips at Le Groupe Maurice: its commitment to the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance aspects (GSE), commonly grouped under the acronym ESG.

You’ll learn a lot about this acronym, which is gaining popularity and which influences the decisions, words and actions of organizations that adhere to this philosophy. You’ll read some very interesting articles on how Le Groupe Maurice’s various departments are—and will be—committed. It’s a great window into what’s in store for the company in the coming months.

This issue also takes a look at the new Advisory Committee, set up by Le Groupe Maurice, by introducing its members, leading figures on the Quebec entrepreneurial stage. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to find out more about Le Groupe Maurice’s podcast, “Dans quelques aînés,” launched in October, in which the company gives seniors a voice… for real!

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As with any new issue, The Innovator magazine will be distributed to residents’ doors in mid-December. If you’re not a Le Groupe Maurice resident, dive into its digital version HERE.

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We hope that you’ll find the articles in this issue of The Innovator magazine informative and interesting. Enjoy!