Luc Maurice

2020, the beginning of a new chapter

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In this new year which begins, I am pleased to share with you the message that I sent to the employees of Groupe Maurice.


Hello to all of you!

If someone would have told me this time last year how much we’d accomplish in 12 short months, I would never have believed them. And yet, here we are – together. In 2019, we took up a challenge that many still call a miracle. And as a result, my enthusiasm for the future and my deep desire to excel in our industry are all the more profound.

This year, I also had concrete proof that it’s when someone tries to take something away from you, that you truly realize how deeply you care about it. Let me just say that in 2019, I witnessed the depth of my love and passion for what we all do together, every day.

In short, last year was a particularly significant year in our company’s history. And frankly, I hope that 2020, in its own way, will be every bit as remarkable. For me, saying that something is significant means that it has an impact, that it produces a reaction, creates a reflection, pushes to action, that it helps in some way. This perfectly describes what is the very soul of Le Groupe Maurice.

Will there be other contingencies in 2020? Certainly. Will we have to further optimize our processes, procedures, governance, tools and ways of doing things? Most assuredly. It will make us even better Will there be unforeseen events? Without a doubt. New business opportunities? Bring them on, they’re always welcome. Will it be the year that Le Groupe Maurice crosses the boundaries of Quebec? Maybe so.

Whatever is in store for us, let me assure you of one thing: we will always stay true to who we are. Numerous times this year, residents, suppliers, bankers, business people - even ministers! - told me how wonderfully we excel at what we do. But what touches me the most, is when they speak of our humaneness, sensitivity and empathy. These less tangible, but vital elements, are what set us at Le Groupe Maurice apart.

Of course, having been bestowed so many compliments in 2019 was largely due to your thoroughness, dedication, team work, determination and commitment to excellence; all of which have never faltered. Each of you has been nothing short of exceptional. And for that, I am deeply grateful. Thank you, with all my heart.

If I had to describe last year in one word, I would say it was a marathon. But you know what? Beyond the extreme fatigue a marathon runner feels when crossing the finish line, there is also tremendous pride and elation. In fact, the marathoner is already thinking about the next great race! This is precisely how I feel on this January 1st. Yes, last year was an impressive year. But today, more than ever, I want to continue the adventure with all of you, employees and residents alike. With our genuine values and unique vision at our sides, we have so many more great things to do!

I’m stating loud and clear today: 2020 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Le Groupe Maurice. One that’s bigger, clearer focused and more determined than ever before – and bold and exciting too, if I may say so.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!


Luc Maurice

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