16 April 2024 |Engagement

Volunteering: Acting Locally, Impacting Globally

Volunteering is an essential pillar of our society, embodying altruism, and commitment to collective well-being. As part of Volunteer Action...

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8 April 2024 |Interview

20,000 Feet Closer to You

The significant challenges of life can sometimes serve as catalysts that lead to unforeseen personal journeys. Alain Champagne’s immediate response...

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29 March 2024 |Events

Inauguration of the LIZ residence

On Wednesday, March 27th, Le Groupe Maurice celebrated the opening of LIZ – its brand-new retirement complex. It was a superb evening,...

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28 March 2024 |Engagement

Quartier Sud draws a memory

The Quartier Sud residence in Lévis recently sparkled with fellowship and creativity, as several retirees donated their musical talent to...

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14 March 2024 |President's Blog

Amid adversity, great teams truly shine

The beginning of 2024 was characterized by strategic reflections and the setting of ambitious goals, aimed at propelling us forward,...

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8 March 2024 |Interview

Female, black and an immigrant: Yvette Bonny’s triumphant triad

Yvette Bonny has forged a life, a story… an unshakable reputation based on an exceptional career. And it’s no wonder:...

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4 March 2024 |Campaign

For Le Groupe Maurice – To age is to live!

Beginning March 4th, Le Groupe Maurice will reaffirm its commitment to the appreciation and normalization of ageing. This approach will...

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21 February 2024 |Interview

Interview with Alizée Spahn, General Manager of L’Initial

Just a few weeks ago, Alizée Spahn took on the role of General Manager at L’Initial Residence in Gatineau. She...

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19 February 2024 |Engagement

Team Le Groupe Maurice competes in the Sainte-Justine winter triathlon

The 18th annual Sainte-Justine Winter Triathlon recently took place on February 16. For the second consecutive time, Le Groupe Maurice...

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12 February 2024 |Engagement

Inauguration of the Kat Demes pavilion: Le Groupe Maurice is committed to the community

On January 23rd, the Montreal Children’s Hospital wrote a new chapter in its history with the inauguration of the Kat...

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