Luc Maurice

A day for them, for us, for everyone

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Although I will remember every single day of last year, one day remains etched in my mind above all others: March 11th. The day the World Health Organization officially declared Covid-19 a pandemic. And so on this very day, one year later, we honour the memory of those we’ve lost with this National Day of Observance. I believe it is a day that we all truly needed.

Personally, it’s important for me to be a part of a collective unit, of a whole. When all the people who have suffered from this pandemic, both near and far, unite their hearts and souls with mine, it comforts me and gives me faith in humanity.

We loved these people. Then suddenly, we lost them. Together, we need to remember this past year and to learn from it if we are to grow. Writer and philosopher Jean d´Ormesson once said: There is something stronger than death – the presence of those who are absent, in the memory of the living. So, in honour of those who fought in vain against the virus, I want these wise words to resound within us. Because although I know that time eases the pain, it cannot erase it.

I take a moment here with you today to salute our strength and resilience, and to bolster the importance of our collective memory. I wish our losses to always be memorialized and used to drive us forward with even greater conviction.

The ones who have been taken from this world once had a face, a name, a life. And today, they now have a date for us to honour them. Let March 11th be forever etched in our hearts.

Luc Maurice

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