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A good lesson in humility!

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Good day,

I was recently at the Ambiance residence in Nun’s Island and had an experience I really wanted to share with you today. The situation made me smile after the fact, but also reflect on the importance of remaining vigilant. Let me explain:

I was visiting my father-in-law, Mr. Mayrand. He’s 97 years old and lives in a Signature care studio. The phone rang, but since Mr. Mayrand was indisposed, I decided to answer.

It was the representative of a telephone service provider wanting to speak to Mr. Mayrand about an overdue phone bill. I quickly jotted down all the details so I could inform my father-in-law upon his return.

The representative was very insistent, saying that the overdue amount had to be paid as soon as possible otherwise the service would be cut off. Given how serious the situation sounded, I made sure I had all the information, promised to relay the message to Mr. Mayrand as soon as possible and said goodbye.

Upon my father-in-law’s return, I informed him of what had just happened. Without hesitation, he answered: “Come on, Luc. You know that’s a scam! I regularly get calls about so-called overdue accounts. I don’t have any overdue accounts. His claims don’t add up.”

I was flabbergasted. At no time during the call did I suspect that it might be a scam. I started laughing and told myself that I had just learned a valuable lesson, one that I had to share with you.

I want to applaud Mr. Mayrand for his alertness and all those who, like him, are not easy to trick. I invite everyone to stay on the lookout for scams, be they over the phone, text message or email. Fraud techniques are evolving and one can never be too careful. I definitely had the wool pulled over my eyes today!


Congratulations again, Mr. Mayrand!

Luc Maurice

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