A touch of elegance to celebrate Le VÜ’s fifth anniversary!

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Basking in glorious sunshine, the residents of Le VÜ residence and their guests gathered on their specially decorated balconies to kick off the fifth anniversary celebrations for Le Groupe Maurice’s facility in Sherbrooke.


In operation since 2015, Le VÜ quickly left its mark on the Sherbrooke region thanks to its strong community involvement, spearheaded by general manager Paul Leclerc.


"Five years ago, Le VÜ opened its doors with a view to offering seniors from around the region a retirement home in line with their expectations. Today, we’re celebrating five years of deep community involvement, five years of job creation in the area and five years of commitment to the happiness and well-being of Sherbrooke’s seniors. Le Groupe Maurice’s passionate belief in customer service is something I share as well, along with our dedicated employees and loyal partners. Without their invaluable assistance, the residence just wouldn’t be the same. I’d like to pay tribute to their efforts to make Le VÜ such a fine place to live. Thank you everyone!" — Paul Leclerc, General Manager.


Elegance, surprises and delight

In the run-up to the event, the festive atmosphere was already brewing as lovely gifts and surprise packages were distributed door to door, including centrepieces, lanterns, decorations, etc.—everything the residents and their guests needed to enjoy an elegant dinner from the comfort of their own balcony.

The participants were treated to a gourmet feast put together by the chef and his crew and delivered to over 400 people by Le VÜ’s in-house team. To record the event for posterity, a photographer made the rounds during the evening.

The celebrations continued with a performance by the band Carter & the Boomers covering all sides of the building. The delighted residents thoroughly enjoyed the group’s amazing repertoire during the concert, which was broadcast live on the residence’s community TV channel. All in all, the festivities were a resounding success, spotlighting the residents’ happiness and zest for life.


Happy anniversary to Le VÜ and all its residents!

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