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Condo: Own a Unit in a New Residence in 7 Easy Steps

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For some people, owning their home is just as—if not more—important than choosing a residence that adapts to their needs (instead of the other way around).

Being an owner is a state of a mind, a lifestyle. Purchasing a condo in a retirement residence is the ideal way to retain one’s independence while enjoying many advantages, such as access to a host of activities and services, as well as many common areas and amenities. Not to mention the high level of security and the nursing staff on hand seven days a week.

You’ll see that purchasing a unit in a residence is simple! All you have to do is follow these seven steps:


1- Visit the sales office

When you visit the sales office for the first time, an advisor will show you a scale model of the residence, as well as the floor and unit plans, and will tell you about the available services. This is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have. If you wish to book a condo during this first visit, you will only need to pay a deposit of 2,000 $.

Bonus: The sales offices for projects under development include a model kitchen and bathroom, to give you a better idea what your future home will look like.


2- Select and reserve your unit

After selecting your unit, reserve by signing a preliminary contract and putting down a first deposit (15% of the total cost of your unit). The contract will contain all the details of the purchase, as well as information about the warranty program.


3- Choose the finishing touches

One of the advantages of purchasing a condo in a project under development is that you have the possibility of customizing your unit by choosing the finishing materials.

During your first visit to the sales office, which should take about an hour, you will be presented with different choices of finishes. You can take the time to think about what you prefer, to create a space that best suits your tastes.

Our team of designers will schedule an appointment for the final selection of the finishes and to help you customize your condo. It’s a great opportunity to work with interior design professionals!

Bonus: The consult with the design team is free of charge. A housewarming gift from Le Groupe Maurice!


4- Pay the final deposit

When the new residence’s contractor finishes putting on the roof, your advisor will schedule an appointment for you to pay the final 10% deposit.


5- Inspect your unit

Shortly before delivery of your unit, you will be invited to conduct a final inspection of the condo in the company of a Le Groupe Maurice representative and the contractor. You will receive instructions on how to operate the appliances and maintain your unit. The meeting will end with you signing the certificate of final completion.

Bonus: During the inspection, you can mention any adjustments you would like to have made to your new home!


6- Transaction at the notary

It’s time to finalize your purchase! After signing the notarial deed to complete the transaction, the notary will make any necessary adjustments to the municipal and school taxes, condo fees or other. The notary will send you a copy of the declaration of co-ownership, the certificate of location and the deed of sale.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a condo in a Le Groupe Maurice residence! The last step is to…


7- Plan your move

The residence’s team will send you a letter with all the information you need for your upcoming move. Contact Le Groupe Maurice’s preferred mover to reserve a time slot or make arrangements with the moving company of your choosing.


That’s it! All that is left to say is welcome home, to Le Groupe Maurice!

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