Construction-Bulletin VAST: 60% reserved

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Dear neighbours and future residents,

We’re very proud of Le Groupe Maurice’s brand new residence in Sainte-Julie. Construction is moving along very well and units are filling up fast. The first leases were signed not long ago and 60% of all the units are already reserved!

We invite you to visit our rental office, where we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. You’ll also have the chance to experience a touchscreen virtual tour of the residence—a first at Le Groupe Maurice. You’ll learn more about the future residence, and who knows, perhaps you’ll even find your future home!

Louis Desjardins, Sales Director of Le Groupe Maurice


Update on construction

  • 80% of the indoor parking facility has been completed
  • 72% of the concrete structure is in place
  • 15% of the electrical works have been completed
  • 9% of the plumbing works have been completed


Floor and unit plans are available online here.


Vast is...


Visit us today! Several apartments are still available.



Vast - Infotravaux - Sainte-Julie - Le Groupe Maurice - Résidences pour personnes âgées


A virtual tour that you control!

Le Groupe Maurice used innovative technology to create a new virtual tour of the VAST residence that puts you in control. Using a touchscreen, you can choose which areas of the residence you want to “virtually” visit. To try this unique experience, drop by the rental office!


Rental office address
300-A De Murano St.
Sainte-Julie, J3E 0C6

(450) 986-8002

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