ELOGIA’s construction is progressing at a good pace !

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Hello everyone!

Like so many other industries, the construction sector has been seriously impacted by the pandemic, with some projects being suspended for weeks at a time. That’s all thankfully behind us now, and I’m able to confirm that construction work on Elogia Phase 2 is back in full swing. Unfortunately, the mandatory shutdown forced us to postpone the opening date until June 2021. But I promise it’ll be worth the wait! Very soon, a magnificent new residence will open its doors to offer its residents a comfortable, stimulating and enjoyable retirement lifestyle with easy access to a wide range of services and activities.

We can’t wait for you to experience all the new conveniences offered in Phase 2, like contemporary apartments, various large common areas and even a grocery store located directly within the residence. Come visit us at the sales and rental office! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

See you soon!

Marlène Béland, General Manager ELOGIA


Update on construction


  • The concrete structure is complete
  • 75% of the indoor parking facility has been completed
  • 70% of the masonry work on the exterior walls has been finalized
  • 60% of the interior walls have been built


Floor and unit plans are available online here.


Elogia is....

Construction-Bulletin Elogia Phase 2: several condos are still available! - Montreal - Le Groupe Maurice - Senior Residences



Explore Elogia on your computer!

Go on a virtual visit inside the residence and take your time exploring all the areas you’re interested in, all from the comfort of your home. Click here!


Have you considered owning a condo at a residence?

Owning a condo at a residential complex has several advantages. The value of your investment will grow over time, plus you’ll have access to all your residence’s common areas, facilities, services and social activities.

A dedicated team and reception service will also be available to assist you with any needs. Finally, you’ll enjoy superbly designed interior spaces where you can kick back and relax or enjoy leisure activities at your own pace.


Visit us at the rental office to see the model kitchen and bathroom and meet our advisors!


Rental office address (Elogia residence)

5440 Sherbrooke St. E,

Montreal (Quebec)

(514) 259-1234

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