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By Rita Kataroyan (Vice President, Marketing and Sales)

The latest edition of Premières en affaires, the leading magazine when it comes to economic news for women, included an article in which Le Groupe Maurice is featured prominently. The article discusses employment equity, a topic that instills much passion among our executive committee. It’s with great pleasure that I share with you a summary of its content here.


The Groupe Maurice’s executive team recently attended a corporate event whose underlying theme was gender parity in executive committees. It was a great opportunity to realize once again that parity has become the norm at our company.

While the topic was at the heart of all conversations, a quick glance around was enough for everyone to realize that this notion has now become an integral part of the DNA of our industry’s organizations. Indeed, men and women were equally represented around all the tables at the event. As Rita Kataroyan, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, mentioned: “After listening to the various speakers, we realized how important parity is for everyone. At the same time, we also noticed that it had become embedded in the practices of Le Groupe Maurice. Somehow, we don’t even think about it anymore!”


When parity and normality go hand in hand

Le Groupe Maurice did not wait for employment equity to become a hot topic before implementing parity on its executive committee. It is now a natural thing to see women supervising men—and conversely—at all levels among our group. Even better, it doesn’t make a difference to anyone anymore whether their boss is a woman or a man. The ‘normality’ of this approach seeped into Le Groupe Maurice’s corporate culture (French only) as a matter of course.

“Decision-making is obviously an essential component of any organization. However, the implementation process is often times even more important,” explains Luc Maurice, President of Le Groupe Maurice. “In this particular context, the approach and understanding of the processes at all levels together with the rigour and analytical skills of women definitely bring a particular sensibility. Women also help endow the company with a greater sense of humanity, diversity, and balance.”

In addition to “technical” intelligence and skills, success as a manager also depends on emotional intelligence. It’s a proven fact that men and women display the latter in a different manner. For a company, bringing together these two sides is essential to achieve balance, harmony, and a broader decision-making scope.


Employment equity: achieving a natural balance

Although more and more women with a high level of education as well as excellent and diverse skills are entering the job market, there is still a lot of catching up to do, especially at the executive level.

Fortunately, the situation is changing. However, we still have a long way to go before employment equity is achieved across all companies.

In order to make this a reality, it is essential to build young women’s confidence by, among other things, showing them that they possess the necessary skills and education to fill executive positions and that they all too often underestimate themselves in comparison with their male peers, who naturally exude more confidence. It is also important to foster a work environment that maintains a better balance between personal life and work. Finally, companies must also ensure parity at all levels, not only in their values, but also in practice.

It is therefore through common action involving both men and women that it will become possible to achieve employment equity in a natural manner.

Let us hope that, in the future, parity is so seamlessly integrated into all organizations that the next generation won’t even have to address this topic.


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