FESTIVIA, Le Groupe Maurice’s festival for residents

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Le Groupe Maurice is happy to present FESTIVIA, a program of extraordinary shows and activities involving renowned Quebec artists.


Le Groupe Maurice knows the countless restrictions surrounding the pandemic have completely changed your way of life in the residence. They have deprived you of the very activities you enjoy most and the people you most love to be with. Since Day 1, our recreationists have reinvented themselves time and again to adapt events to our new collective reality. And now, along with the recreation team at head office, they’ve boosted their creativity and organizational powers even further for you. The result? Something truly special indeed!


A festival to bring you joy and happiness

FESTIVIA is an unrivaled festival designed by the Groupe Maurice team for all residents. Including a program of musical shows and sports activities among others, it will entertain and impress the residents!


“With the residents’ happiness at heart, we know these unique shows and events will lift your spirits!”

Marc Ouimet, Assistant Vice-president, Operations and related services


It all kicks off with none other than Gregory Charles, whom you’ll have the chance to hear through an interactive live show. Weekly live performances will follow outside of your residence or via digital exclusives. FESTIVIA will span 9 weeks in each one of our residences.


The FESTIVIA Program


Grégory Charles show, his heart on his sleeve

Famous Quebec artist Gregory Charles will perform an exclusive 90-minute live show for all 31 Groupe Maurice residences. The show will be broadcast on channel 940 on your television. In fact, you can even interact with him by making a special request over the Internet to hear you favourite song!

In his 2nd appearance, Gregory returns for an entertaining live show of around 30 minutes, in front of or near your complex. Sit comfortably on your balcony and enjoy!


La SAMS, for those who love classical music

SAMS is the largest network of professional musicians presenting tailor-made concerts in healthcare settings in Quebec. Composed of musicians from different symphonic orchestras, classical trios and quartets will offer outdoor shows that residents will be able to hear ... from home!


Angèle Dubeau, violin virtuoso

Well-known and appreciated by Groupe Maurice residents, Angèle begins with an exclusive video clip followed by 1 engaging show on channel 940.


The MIXBUS, to dance on your balcony

This school bus converted into a rolling studio/stage will host several musical shows – on its roof! The nomadic Mixbus thrills, entertains and inspires audiences everywhere with its emerging music and culture.


Megamix, a sound and light show

A stunning sound and light show in all the colours of the rainbow will be projected live on the main facade of your residence!


Alain Dumas, a tribute to the crooners of crooners

Your balcony is the front row, as Alain Dumas faithfully offers you the most beautiful songs from the greatest crooner of them all: Mr. Frank Sinatra. Sweet melodies and memories await!


Simon « Dragon », professional fire-eater

The professional fire-eater puts on an impressive juggling and fire-eating show. This number has to be seen to be believed!


Les Défis du Parc, to stay healthy

The Roses’ athletes will drop by to offer you 15 minutes of fun physical exercise. So make room on your balcony and get your workout shoes ready!


Le Défi Pierre Lavoie, for the athletic ones

The Pierre Lavoie Challenge will get you moving and grooving with their dynamic instructors who specialize in physical activities. Get ready to dance thanks to their mobile stage decorated with a giant rainbow!


The weekly FESTIVIA event, as well as its details, will be added to the leisure newsletter distributed weekly to residents and on the Theia app.


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