Forming a whole

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Le Groupe Maurice’s entire existence is based on continuously seeking ways to improve the lives of all seniors, not only those living in its residences. To achieve its mission, it supports organizations, companies and initiatives that share this deeply-held value, for the well-being of older people, but also for the betterment of society as a whole. And that requires community involvement.



A social conscience

Any major construction project will have a considerable impact on the region it goes up in. The local economy, employability and the inhabitants’ quality of life and comfort—all elements crucial to a sector’s vitality—have to be taken into consideration. Le Groupe Maurice is careful to design its residences to be in harmony with the communities they will be joining. Wanting to maximize the benefits of its presence in a neighbourhood, the company has always been driven by the desire to take part in and give back to the community.

Led by an inherently philanthropical person who lets his social conscience guide every decision he makes; Le Groupe Maurice cannot help but give back to the communities that so generously welcome its residences.


“It’s thanks to the communities that gravitate around our residences that we exist. When the community flourishes, so do we. We all need one another to survive: we are an interdependent whole. I’ve always believed in strength in numbers, in mutual aid, because when everyone lends a hand, everyone benefits. There’s nothing more powerful than a community in which each member supports the others.”

Luc Maurice, Founder and President of Le Groupe Maurice


This is why Le Groupe Maurice strives to join forces with regional groups, businesses and organizations when one of its residences goes up in an area.


From idea to impact

What good is an intention if no action is ever taken? Le Groupe Maurice’s mission—to make seniors feel safe, free, self-reliant, well-surrounded, happy and involved—is an extension of what it hopes to contribute to society. But having a good idea is not enough. The world’s best intentions mean nothing without concrete action. It is this conviction that pushes the company to surround itself with partners who share its values, to bring about real social change.

Le Groupe Maurice has been involved in several causes and organizations from the very start. It strives to be a model corporate citizen that is active in Quebec society, whether at the local level, by taking part in community activities like Un Vélo une ville, Le Cinéma en plein air (movies in the park) or Défis du parc, or contributing to fundraisers and financially supporting organizations like hospital foundations and NPOs.

Le Groupe Maurice’s community programs exist to broaden its mission and to help the people who gravitate around it feel even more motivated, rewarded and, ultimately, happy. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”: that’s the deep conviction that pushed Le Groupe Maurice to form its own foundation, to benefit a larger number of people. The company has passed the torch to this new organization, whose mission is to continue what Le Groupe Maurice has started, by supporting various foundations, like the Fondation Institut de gériatrie de Montréal (IUGM), and contributing to many other philanthropic projects.


Our reason for being and our future

Innovation and some risk-taking. At Le Groupe Maurice, it’s our way of being. We strongly believe that society, and everyone in it, have the power and ability to find the solutions to the big social and environmental challenges we are currently facing. Community and philanthropic involvement is a way not only to pay it forward, but also to stay vibrant, active, informed, involved, sensitive, forward thinking, attentive, humble, open, realistic, up-to date and… happy.



Passion, culture and enjoyment are all values Le Groupe Maurice promotes and tries to add to the daily lives of retirees. As such, it made sense for the company to partner with Montréal's symphony orchestra (OSM) for Musical Sundays, a series of concerts held in the afternoon and to invite seniors with a passion for the musical arts. This time slot give seniors easy access to the OSM's concerts so they can nourish their love of classical music!

Le Groupe Maurice supported the Un Vélo une ville citizen initiative for a third consecutive year. Aiming to break seniors' isolation while encouraging school perseverance and success, the project offers retirees a recreational tour of participating cities aboard a three-wheeled scooter driven by a young person.

Le Groupe Maurice partnered with the Quartier de l’innovation to produce the Archives du futur web series, which presents different Montréal innovations. Le Groupe Maurice was pleased and honored to take part in this production as it has long long placed innovation at the heart of its different projects and ambitions. Rallying the population around innovation's importance and the role it plays in our collective happiness is what motivated the company to take part in the initiative. Archives du futur has been broacast on TOU.TV since early May 2019.

From July 13 to 28, 2019, the Just for Laughs Festival, in partnership with Le Groupe Maurice, will be offering a Juste pour Séniors (Just for Seniors) package for people 65 and older. The Festival will be presenting a selection of special shows, featuring Michel Barrette, Lemire Verville and Ben voyons donc, among others, as well as a seniors' gala (Gala des retraités), during which ten Le Groupe Maurice residents will be going onstage to do a stand-up set. Those who purchased a Juste pour Séniors package enjoyed several advantages, like preferential rates and VIP treatment, including a meet-and-greet with their favourite comedians! It's a great way to give seniors the place they deserve in society.


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