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Grandparents: 5 Fun Activities to Do with Your Grandchildren

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Could there be anything better than being a grandparent? You know how enjoyable it is to share memorable moments with your grandchildren, to spoil them and slip them cookies when their parents aren’t looking. To devote all your time and attention to these adorable little ones who just make your heart melt. If you’re looking for ways to fill these remaining days of summer vacation, we suggest five activities that both grandparents and grandchildren will love!


1- Cultivate a love of gardening from a young age

Help your beloved grandchildren develop a green thumb by planting beautiful flower boxes or a vegetable garden. Working together will bring you even closer. And the children will love a chance to get dirty!😉

You’ll have so much fun watching the plants grow as a family!

If you need help getting started, check out these tips on how to create your own urban vegetable garden!


2- Spend an afternoon baking!

A love of cooking can be discovered at any age!

Many of us have fond memories of afternoons spent baking with grandma. Why not take a few hours to teach your grandchildren how to make your favourite meal or an easy, but oh-so-tasty desert? Make memories they will cherish their whole lives!

Try a simple recipe that will please the whole family like crêpes or a fruit pie. The team at the Les Verrières du Golf residence in Saint-Laurent organized an afternoon of intergenerational cooking that was much appreciated by young and old. Here are the images as proof!


3- Go through your old photo albums and homemade movies

Get out those photo albums you haven’t opened in a while and share some of your memories with your grandchildren. They’ll be fascinated by images of mom or dad’s childhood and will be surprised by how much things have changed.

What, there was no Internet???


4- Visit a museum or attend a summer festival

Summer is a great time to share your favourite museums with your grandchildren! Many offer activities geared toward kids that are both fun and educational. For example, the Montreal Science Centre has many games and experiments to try!

Plus, museums have air conditioning! 😉

There are many summertime festivals held throughout the province, with something for everyone. In Montréal, why not introduce the little ones to classical music as part of the OSM Classical Spree or learn about Indigenous culture at the Montréal First Peoples Festival? Check what is scheduled in your city!


5- Try activities they love

Go all out in a soccer game or stick your hands in squishy slime! Even if you think it’s silly!

Why not try playing video games? You might find some you like. And bonus: video games are said to be good for your memory.


After a wonderful day filled with adventures and activities, once the children are safely home, you’ll be able to relax and recover!

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