Guidelines related to COVID-19

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Updated January, 6th 2022 at 11:00 a.m. - These requirements will be updated to reflect the evolving situation and any new official measures.

Due to the rapidly evolving epidemiological situation in Quebec, the government is once again requiring that we follow certain guidelines, as seen below. Please take note of the information below and remember that all residents are still obliged to wear a medical-grade mask. Note that should an outbreak in your residence be declared by public health, special measures will be added to those already in effect and will be communicated to you.

Guidelines for Visitors:

✓ Unfortunately, welcoming visitors is no longer permitted in private seniors’ residences.

Guidelines for Care Givers:

✓ The resident in need of a caregiver must nominate a maximum of 4 people who will be allowed, according to the procedures set out in the following point, to visit them. Please refer to the reception of the residence to nominate caregivers.

AT ALL TIMES: caregivers and visitors must present a valid vaccination passport to access the residence;

1 person at a time is allowed, for a maximum of 2 people per day.

NOTE: access to common areas is prohibited for visitors and caregivers.




Guidelines for Residents:

Dining Room access for all residents
✓ for the moment, it is still possible to use the dining room. However, a distance of 2 meters between tables as well as between residents wishing to share a meal is required;
✓ as the seating capacity of the dining room is inevitably reduced, several services per meal may be offered.
IMPORTANT: We are happy to offer, until further notice, free delivery of meals to your apartment on request. To place an order, please call the reception of the residence.

✓ Closure of the spa, sauna, exercise room (gym), cinema, bowling alley and billiards;

✓ Other scheduled activities may be canceled in order to meet government directives.
Please refer to the management of the residence for any questions.

✓ Activities or meetings may be held in a common indoor space between residents to prevent deconditioning. This must be done while upholding the physical distance of 2 meters and wearing a medical-grade surgical mask. For details, please refer to the recreation department of your residence.

Meetings and outings
✓ Once you as a resident venture off the property, you then follow the regulations
assigned to the general population;
✓ Upon returning to your residence please remain vigilant and, for the next 14 days,
watch for any symptoms related to COVID-19.
IMPORTANT: if you experience any symptoms, please get tested quickly and isolate yourself
until you have the result. You are also required to notify the Care Director of your residence.

Note that should an outbreak in your residence be declared by public health, special measures will be added to those already in effect and will be communicated to you.

These government guidelines apply to all private seniors’ residences in the province, regardless of the level of protection currently in effect.

We thank you once again for your ongoing adherence to the mandates imposed on us by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and public health authorities. Together, we will get through this.



Reminder on health mesures

Please note that all non-residents (visitors, suppliers, employees, others) must use the main entrance only, in accordance with public health protocols.

Remember to :

  • Wash your hands when entering
  • Wear a mask when moving about
  • Sign the visitor register
  • Expect a temperature check upon arrival


Family Visits - Care Units Signatures

If you have any questions, please contact the Residence's Director of Care.


Please be advised that Le Groupe Maurice is monitoring the situation very closely and is in constant contact with the public health authorities in order to ensure that best practices are adopted and complied with.


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