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It’s so good to see you again!

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Like all of us, I found the lockdown to be quite tough going in recent weeks. Amid the ongoing crisis, I couldn’t wait for government officials to ease the public health restrictions so we could get a closer look at our loved ones—separated by two metres, of course. I was eager to see you all, to see all my friends, to be nearer to my mother. It was time for a change!


Now that the health restrictions have been eased, I’m taking this opportunity to visit each of our residences. I’ve already visited a number of them. As for the others, don’t worry, I’ll be there in just a few days! I’m very happy to see you all again. Even though we may have to greet each other from a distance, even though we may have to speak while wearing masks and even though we cannot have physical contact, I am still touched by your smiles, the gleam in your eyes and all your emotions; I feel very moved despite the social distancing. We can communicate fully once again, with all the little subtle things you only notice when you’re in someone else’s presence.

For someone who likes people as much as I do, not being able to visit our loved ones when we felt like over the past few months was far from easy. Believe me when I say I know what I’m talking about. I probably shouldn’t mention it, but I did try to come up with some creative and original ways to see my inner circle, that is, without breaking the rules. And I found a solution! I said a quick hello to my mother as I stood outside perched on a ladder!

During the lockdown caused by the current pandemic, I still tried to find ways to stay in touch and to communicate with friends, employees and residents, whether via video chats, letters or phone calls. Still, nothing is ever going to replace a nice face-to-face conversation. Even though I contacted all the employees at Le Groupe Maurice’s residences who contracted COVID-19 to thank them for their dedication and courage and to wish them a speedy recovery, it would have been much nicer to do so in person.

That’s why I decided to spend a few hours each day visiting our residences. My sense of connection to what’s happening locally is what inspires me the most! So I was looking forward to seeing you and telling you in person how much I respect and love you all. I wanted to see how you were doing, with my own eyes. I want you to know how much I understand and appreciate the realities you face. But I have to admit, there’s also something selfish about what I’m doing: visiting you in your residence is the most enjoyable part of my job! Anyone who’s known me for a while knows how much I like being wherever things are happening. I love people and I like to feel what you’re feeling! More than anything else, being with people is how I have a good time!


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