Le Groupe Maurice honours seniors in its new advertising campaign

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Get a sneak preview of Le Groupe Maurice’s new advertising campaign that recognizes the elderly and their contributions to society.


Honour and recognition

The unique campaign aims to break the stigma that persists around ageing by focusing on the valuable contributions made by seniors. This motivation is what inspired a team from Le Groupe Maurice led by Creative Director Guy Paolaggi to develop the campaign. “We wanted to give seniors their rightful place in our society and to show that their contributions were not only in the past, but continue in the present.”

“With this campaign, we wanted to honour seniors and show the importance of their contributions to our day-to-day lives—like we already do on a daily basis with our residences, where seniors have opportunities to continue pursuing their projects, activities and dreams,” said Rita Kataroyan, Vice President, Marketing and Sales at Le Groupe Maurice.


Intertwining past and present generations

The concept came together prior to the holiday period in December, during a three-day tour of various residences. The idea was to tell a story about passing on wisdom and values from one generation to the next.

While the two protagonists in each scene are portrayed as equals, the main focus is on the elderly family member and the value of the knowledge that they pass on. Projections of historical footage over scenes from modern-day life create a parallel between the past and the present and intertwine two different eras. The challenge was developing a visual narrative to convey the message that the past is our guide to the future, focusing on seniors’ timeless wisdom, their history and their accomplishments.


Watch the ad during your favourite shows

You’ll be able to see the touching campaign on TV, online, in Le Bel Âge magazine, in La Presse+ and on our social media pages.

Starting January 14, the ads will appear on Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec, TVA, RDI, LCN, TV5 and ARTV during popular broadcasts including Les Pays d’en haut, Unité 9, Tout le monde en parle, Les Enfants de la télé and En direct de l’univers.

You can also view a sneak preview of the ad (full version) below.


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