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Le Groupe Maurice is here to stay

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To the dear residents, colleagues and employees of Le Groupe Maurice,


You have no doubt read or heard in the media, that as of yesterday, Le Groupe Maurice has new financial partners; partners who are American. I am well aware that news like this may be concerning to some of you. I would much prefer to speak with you personally regarding this matter, but as it would be quite difficult, I offer you my reassurance with these words.


Of this you can be sure. Le Groupe Maurice was not sold. Our company is here to stay and will remain as you know it: visionary, innovative and above all, deeply human.


What we established with Ventas was a real estate partnership. Ventas is an experienced real estate investment company with more than 200 property managers, including several retirement home managers. Our partnership with Ventas relates exclusively to our physical buildings; literally the brick and mortar. As a result, we now have the strength and financial structure we require to continue our growth and maintain our mission, with new complexes and other projects.


Ventas is truly the partner of choice for our future. Their values, approach and work ethic mimic ours. Like us, they take a long-term approach and want to be at our side for at least the next 10 years. They greatly value the expertise and reputation of the brands they choose to partner with. And our Le Groupe Maurice brand, conceived and built right here in Quebec, is an enviable one indeed. Knowing that Ventas has decided to work with us, makes me all the more proud.


In a nutshell, Ventas simply marks a change of financial partners for Le Groupe Maurice. Our exceptional management team will remain, and the head office will operate as per usual out of Les Verrières du Golf in St-Laurent. Our vision, operation, values, culture of excellence… everything that defines us and sets us apart, remains entirely in the control of Le Groupe Maurice.


Thus, the story that began 21 years ago in Sainte-Thérèse, and the one we continue to write together each day, continues. With my talented and trusted team, I now have everything I need to accomplish what I am most passionate about: the happiness and better aging of seniors in Quebec. Today, and for many years to come.


Finally, if I may conclude with a message to our dear residents living in our 34 wonderful communities: you have my word that Le Groupe Maurice will honour the commitment we made to you, and all that you love and cherish here each day, will remain exactly as is.


With all my gratitude and respect,


Luc Maurice


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After visiting many retirement residences, by far-- the Lilo is the best ever totally impressed
with the whole building and what is offered. The model apartments of which I visited at least 4 times are
spacious, large kitchen, bathroom and walk in closet and the extras included are wonderful.......I am not
there yet -but Lilo left a lasting impression on is a perfect place for retirement.

Mrs. Marilyn Peet,