Le VÜ wins an award at the 2019 Estrie Recognition Gala

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On April 12, Le VÜ, a residence by Le Groupe Maurice located in Sherbrooke, was awarded the Inertia (“Momentum”) prize in the Innovative Company category at the 2019 Estrie Recognition Gala, which was organized by the Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce.


The 2019 Estrie Recognition Gala honours Le VÜ

On April 12, Paul Leclerc, General Manager of Le VÜ, proudly represented the residence at the 2019 Estrie Recognition Gala. The gala was an opportunity for the Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce to spotlight the excellence of local businesses.

During the event, le VÜ was awarded the Inertia (“Momentum”) prize in the Innovative Company category. This distinction recognizes the cutting-edge technology introduced at Le Groupe Maurice properties to improve the everyday lives of residents.

The SOFI, SAMI, THÉIA and REMI software solutions are powerful tools that enable us to offer unmatched service quality while devoting more quality time to our residents thanks to the efficiency gains achieved,” said Paul Leclerc. “I’m so proud that the residence won this award! It proves once again that Le Groupe Maurice is a pioneer and innovator that is genuinely committed to the quality of life of seniors.”


Technology serving the needs of senior citizens

Innovation has been a key pillar of Le Groupe Maurice’s philosophy since its founding. It enables us to excel, constantly improve existing solutions and remain at the forefront of the industry.

Most importantly, innovation lets us offer the best possible service to seniors and improve their day-to-day lives. As an example of the central role played by innovation at our residences, SAMI (French for “Salle À Manger Informatisée” or computerized dining room) is being rolled out to replace traditional paper meal coupons with an electronic card and to streamline the ordering process. Meanwhile, the THÉIA digital terminals and TV channel provide residents with the latest news about their residence. Plus there’s the added value from the SOFI digital healthcare platform and the REMI maintenance tool.


Proximity and quality of life

Located in Sherbrooke near the corner of Jacques-Cartier Blvd. and King St., Le VÜ is surrounded by green spaces and just steps away from numerous shops and services. Le VÜ offers the idyllic setting to spend your retirement.

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