Personalized and heartwarming Christmas gift ideas for your children and grandkids

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The holidays are fast approaching. Short on Christmas gift ideas? Here are some original ideas that won’t break the bank and are guaranteed to please even the pickiest persons on your Christmas list.


1) Hot chocolate mix or cookie kit in a Mason jar

Here’s an easy and low-cost idea you can create yourself. Fill a Mason jar with hot chocolate mix or ingredients for baking cookies. Everyone loves a nice treat, and what could be more enjoyable during the holidays than sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace?

Best of all, these tasty treats are easy to make. Try out these two excellent recipes on Ricardo: creamy hot chocolate and mouthwatering cookies.


2) Scarves and hats to keep warm all winter long

Knitted mittens, hats, scarves and slippers are a classic gift choice that will always put a smile on their faces. And if the last few winters are any indication, your loved ones may just need these items until the month of June!

Plus, what could be more comforting than wrapping yourself up in grandma’s handmade fabrics?


3) A meal card to share joy throughout the year

Holiday meals are the ideal time of the year for families to reunite and enjoy spending time together. So why not offer them (and yourself) the opportunity to enjoy a meal with family or friends?

You can even give them a meal card from your residence. Schedule a weekly or monthly event to savour the fine cuisine prepared by Le Groupe Maurice’s chefs and, most importantly, enjoy the company of loved ones. Most Le Groupe Maurice residences also have a private dining room that you can book for your group meals.

As an alternative, you can offer a gift card redeemable at restaurants. Most restaurants offer these, and you can choose one that you know your loved ones will enjoy.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll be treating yourself in 2020!


4) DIY tea blends

Another great gift idea you can make yourself is do-it-yourself tea blends.

Look for loose tea leaves in specialty shops (or check your local grocery), and then add dried fruit, herbs, spices, flowers and other ingredients for flavour.

Once you’ve prepared your blend, place it in a small container or fill some tea filters.

Intrigued? Learn about the different varieties of tea you can use and ingredients for making your own tea blends (in French).


5) Get your photos out from the depths of your smartphone

With the growing popularity of smartphones and digital phone cameras, we don’t print our photographs or create photo albums as often as we used to. But there’s no lack of pictures to share! This Christmas, offer yourself a wonderful gift and share touching memories with your loved ones.

Some companies will also offer to print your photos on a canvas or poster. This takes some more effort, but if you take your time and choose the perfect photo, the result will be spectacular!


Then simply wrap your gifts and you’re ready! Happy Holidays!

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