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Serge Blondin, Borea’s resident, publishes his first novel

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On January 16, the Boréa residence celebrated the launch of Serge Blondin’s debut novel, Adélard, la vie d’un homme, for which Luc Maurice signed the foreword. The author, a Boréa resident, spoke to us with pride about how his first book came to fruition after 10 years of perseverance.


“I never stop repeating how important it is to live out your passions, realize your potential and follow your dreams, no matter what your age. Mr. Blondin offers an inspiring example with this debut novel. He has shown a great talent for writing and we look forward to reading his next book.”

Luc Maurice


Mr. Blondin, have you always had a penchant for writing?

Blondin: I started writing fiction after I retired. I’ve always enjoyed writing. Even at work, I occasionally wrote articles for a technical publication. I was a director of technical services in the hospital sector and an international consultant. But with my MBA and training as an engineer, I was not exactly predestined for a career as a novelist!


What was the inspiration for your novel’s main theme?

Blondin: My experience in hospital settings and my observations of daily situations were what made the story take shape inside my mind. I also incorporated elements drawn from various news stories to create an intelligible outline for the story. That said, the novel is a work of fiction. I wanted to create a captivating story. The events in the novel are a bit amplified compared to what would normally happen in reality.


What is the book about?

Blondin: The story takes place between the era of the horse and buggy and the Quiet Revolution. It follows Adélard over the course of his life as he goes from misadventure to misadventure. He changes his profession many times, from a labourer in the war industry to a taxi driver, a rural policeman and a worker in a refinery. He experiences love, family life and bereavement. Family troubles are also a part of his story. But despite the constant struggles, he also experiences moments of grace.


Publishing a book is no easy task. How did you manage to meet the challenge?

I started writing Adélard about 10 years ago, and I spent two years on editing. When I finished the manuscript, I sent it to several publishers, who unfortunately turned it down.

Then an opportunity arose at Boréa when the new head of recreation organized a meeting with publishers for an autobiography project. I went to the presentation and told them about a book I’d finished that I had sitting in a drawer. The publisher from KLEMT asked me to send him a copy, and a week later he told me that it was eminently suitable for publication. I was lucky to meet the right people at the right time, and it all happened at Boréa!

I should mention that I had lots of support around me, and Mr. Luc Maurice supported me from the very start.


Will there be another book?

Blondin: Absolutely! I already have about 60 pages for a future book. This time, I’m going somewhere else entirely: the novel will take place in a hospital setting. I write about 10 pages a week. I’m very inspired!


Adélard, la vie d’un homme was warmly received at its launch by a number of public figures including the mayor and several provincial and federal members of parliament. Friends of the author and many residents also joined the celebrations. Adélard, la vie d’un homme is now available in bookstores.

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