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What residents have to say: happy to be living at Le Félix

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Since the beginning of the health crisis, many people have spoken out about life in seniors’ residences and the needs of the elderly. We hear a lot about seniors, but very little from seniors, even though they’re in the best position to tell us about their everyday lives.  

Following an interview broadcast on Radio-Canada, a couple living at Le Félix decided to write to host Patrice Roy. They also agreed to let us share their opinion with you.


Dear Mr. Roy,

I am writing to you in response to the interview that you recently held with Janette Bertrand. I really like Janette, who still has her spouse. She is a model for us women, but I don’t agree with her comments on seniors’ residences. I respect her opinion, but I would like to tell you our story.

My husband and I are 72 and 75 years old and have been living for almost 6 years in a Le Groupe Maurice seniors’ residence in Vaudreuil-Dorion. We are in good shape and came here of our own free will—we were not “parked” here by our two daughters. They are happy knowing that we’re safe. We wanted to choose for ourselves where to live. We no longer wanted to look after a house, with a yard, a pool and tons of flowers. We have all that here and are free to do other things. We have time to volunteer. People don’t think there is any volunteering to do in a seniors’ residence. We also have a lot of activities to keep us fit and we are close to all the amenities. Our recreation director organizes activities for us to do every day at the residence. In the evening after dinner, instead of walking outdoors, we can stroll through the residence’s 5 floors, which is something we couldn’t do in our home.

Many people have a negative view of what it’s like to live in a seniors’ residence. We have many advantages in staying here, particularly during the pandemic, because we’re able to have visits from two caregivers, in addition to one of our daughters and our 25-year-old grandson, with whom we have always been close.

We’ve noticed since living here that many people wait too long to leave their homes. They come here when they’re at the end of their rope and don’t take advantage of anything. Of course, there are more single people than couples and especially single women, but they tell us that they feel safer here than living alone in their homes. Before the pandemic, many of them played cards, Scrabble, bridge, pool, etc. Now, they aren’t lonely living alone in their homes. During the winter months, none of these people would go out much or see many people. Whereas here, even if they don’t feel like socializing, they’re still not alone. And we have a Signature wing with additional security for people who have less autonomy.

We, the residents of Le Félix, in Vaudreuil-Dorion, had the chance to celebrate Mardi Gras with the residence’s staff. It was festive and the department managers distributed donuts and cocktails to residents at their doors. There was a great deal of laughter and dancing. What’s more, the entire event was broadcast live on the community channel! Residents could see their friends on their TVs and follow the management team as they went door to door. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the same way. You can see the photographs on Le Groupe Maurice’s Facebook page.

If you want, you should come and visit Le Félix after the pandemic to see that living here is far from boring!


Thank you for reading this letter.

A happy couple living at Le Félix


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