Innovative designer, developer and manager

Innovative designer, developer and manager

For Le Groupe Maurice, knowing what seniors want means understanding and anticipating their expectations. This is why we design, develop and manage each of our projects down to the last detail. This committed approach ensures that we successfully put our knowledge and innovative ideas into every aspect of our future residences.


Le Groupe Maurice, innovative designer

Innovative designerUnder the expert supervision of Luc Maurice, our real estate department and its teams of specialists ensure that every aspect of the residences adheres to the highest standards. Key among their concerns: the choice of sites, integration of the residences into their environments, the buildings’ architecture and unique style, practical shopping options, quality materials, elegant interior decor, welcoming living units, and the range of equipment and facilities.

Our marketing team similarly works to develop the brand image of each new project by selecting its name, logo, and visual identity, to reflect the residence’s personality and meet the expectations of the local clientele, while remaining in keeping with Le Groupe Maurice’s brand image.


Le Groupe Maurice, developer

DeveloperWhen building our residences, we rely on highly reputable partners with whom we have worked for years. Le Groupe Maurice’s real estate department, based out of our head office, ensures high-quality management, supervision, and control at all project construction sites from start to finish.

From the moment the first shovel touches the ground to the final minutes finishing up the very last details before the doors open, we ensure that the technical, functional and aesthetic quality of every aspect of the building is perfect - from its individual living units, to its common areas, in its equipment, and throughout its green spaces and gardens.


Le Groupe Maurice, manager


In its role as a manager, Le Groupe Maurice supervises all aspects of daily life from the moment each resident arrives. We are always looking for ways to improve the facilities and services for different aspects of resident life, including food, health care, recreation, activities, and customer service.

To ensure this high level of quality, we rely on the expert teams who supervise each of these areas of operation. Their aim is to stay in tune with residents’ expectations and then create and implement innovative solutions that fully meet the needs of our clientele.

All employees at our complexes share their daily life experience with the residents and in doing so, are playing a key role in the achieving of the highest level of satisfaction possible, in line with Le Groupe Maurice’s mission. For this reason, the advisory teams from head office work alongside our staff, supporting them in all their activities.


Renowned expertise

Our projects have received numerous distinctions for their quality.

  • 2017: Proud recipient of the Mercuriades 2017 award in the category of "Successful business strategy La Capitale".
  • 2015: Two honourable mentions from the IDU in the categories of marketing communications and urban integration for the  residential complex in Sherbrooke.
  • 2013: Gold Seal Certification from the Canadian Construction Association for Le Gibraltar.
  • 2013: The Armatura Award in the residential category from the Institut d'Acier d'Armature du Québec for Les Jardins Millen.
  • 2013:  Prix d’Excellence from the Garantie Habitation des Maîtres Bâtisseurs in the category of residential complex for persons 55 and over, for quality construction and ability to serve clients.
  • 2007:  The Real Estate Award of Excellence from the Institut de développement Urbain du Québec (IDU) for Les Promenades du Parc.