You have questions? We have answers! In this FAQ, we have compiled your most common questions to guide you in your decision-making journey.

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Am I eligible for the Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors?

All seniors 70 years and older are eligible for the tax credit, according to their income, whether they live in a residence or not. The program is especially advantageous when you rent an apartment in a residence, due to the various services and the nursing staff onsite 24 hours a day. All of the services that are indicated in your lease and are included in your monthly rent will be eligible for the tax credit.

You can calculate the tax credit you could receive by using the estimator tool on the Revenu Québec site. You can also ask one of our sales and rental advisors to calculate it for you when you visit one of our residences.

Are there annual rent increases?

Yes, rents are indexed approximately 2% to 3% annually. These increases are required to help us maintain, year after year, the level of quality you have chosen in selecting a Le Groupe Maurice residence, as concerns the facilities as well as the services offered.

Is it the same price if we are two in the apartment?

Yes, the monthly rent is not based on the number of occupants.