You have questions? We have answers! In this FAQ, we have compiled your most common questions to guide you in your decision-making journey.

If you have an additional question, do not hesitate to call us at 1-833-546-4546.

Do you have parking spaces for electric vehicles?

Innovation is one of Le Groupe Maurice’s cornerstones, namely regarding the environment, as demonstrated by Caléo, the first senior residence in Canada to be certified LEED Silver! At the request of our residents, all residences opened since October 2013 have parking spaces for electric vehicles in the indoor parking garage, which can be rented monthly. For occasional charging, you can also opt for a set amount, which provides access to the charging terminals for that entire month.

Are there activities planned in your residences?

Each Le Groupe Maurice residence has a full-time recreationist who plans, organizes, and leads recreational activities. Their aim is to contribute to residents’ enjoyment and quality of life. Each month, there are various activities you can take part in, if you so desire!

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Are meals included? Do we have to eat in the dining room?

You’re free to cook your own meals in your unit if you wish! Or you can enjoy the dishes prepared by the residence’s chef and kitchen staff. Join your neighbours for healthy, tasty and affordable meals, with no clean-up afterward! Also feel free to invite family or friends to join you for dinner or drinks. This is the welcoming atmosphere your new home offers.

If you opt for meals, you can pay as you go or purchase a monthly meal plan (one or two meals per day). The monthly plan is added to your rent.

How is the food in Le Groupe Maurice residences?

At Le Groupe Maurice, we believe that eating is one of life’s great pleasures. Which is why we offer a culinary experience: authentic cuisine made with fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Our dishes are carefully concocted and prepared by chefs and served by wait staff at your table. That is our vision, a far cry from the preconceived notion of bland, mushy food served in senior residences. For more information about the food we serve, visit the Fine cuisine and table service page of our website.

Can I see a doctor at the residence?

Most of our residences work with an appointed doctor who visits the residence regularly. While we do our best to find an attending physician for each of our residences, it is not guaranteed and will depend on the situation and region.  To meet with the doctor, you must submit a request to your residence’s head of nursing care. This person, usually a registered nurse, studies each request and assigns a level of priority. Of course, nursing staff is available in-residence 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is there indoor parking?

All Le Groupe Maurice residences have indoor parking spaces that can be rented for a monthly fee. There are also plenty of outdoor parking spaces for family and friends when they come visit.

The purchase price for condos includes an indoor parking space.