You have questions? We have answers! In this FAQ, we have compiled your most common questions to guide you in your decision-making journey.

If you have an additional question, do not hesitate to call us at 1-833-546-4546.

Do I have to take part in all the activities?

There’s no obligation to take part in any of the residence’s scheduled activities. Everyone is free to join or not. If you do get enticed by an activity, it will likely be to discover a fascinating new hobby, unleash your creativity and imagination or meet new people. Thanks to the many activities available, there’s something for everyone!

What is more, our residence recreationists are always happy to receive suggestions, so don’t hesitate to propose new ideas!

Can my children/grandchildren use the pool?

Your loved ones are welcome to use the pool from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Enjoy the pool together or challenge your guests to a match in the residence’s bowling alley! And why not invite them to try the chef’s mouth-watering fare? At Le Groupe Maurice, we know that spending time with family and friends is a true pleasure for many residents and we always do our best to accommodate you.

Can I have a BBQ on my balcony?

For safety reasons, the use of BBQs (electric or other) is not permitted on the residence balconies. But not to worry! Some residences have a BBQ that is free for residents to use in the common outdoor area. Also, the residences’ chefs hold barbecues several times a summer, to everyone’s great enjoyment. You can still set a table, chairs and other furniture on your balcony/patio and leave them over the winter.

Can I smoke marijuana in the residence?

To prevent all ambiguity, Le Groupe Maurice reviewed its policies and rules and took a clear position: as of June 1, 2018, the cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana in “cigarette” (joint) form is not permitted in the apartments or in the common areas of the residences (inside as well as outside, including the gardens and balconies).

Residents with a medical marijuana prescription may consume marijuana in its other forms (tincture, ingestible oil, topical cream, edible, etc.) as long this does not impact the common comfort and well-being.

This new regulation applies not only to Le Groupe Maurice tenants and employees, but also to visitors. Condo owners must comply with the new rules in the residence’s indoor and outdoor common areas, but it will be up to the co-ownership syndicate to decide if the rule should extend to their common areas and condo units.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

In accordance with Quebec’s Tobacco Control Act, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in all the indoor and outdoor common areas. This rule also applies to visitors and includes the use of pipes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, and any other device of this nature.

Residents are permitted to smoke tobacco in their apartment. However, the residence’s management reserves the right to require that additional measures be taken, such as installing air purifiers at your own expense, or forbidding you from smoking on your balcony or patio if it compromises the comfort and well-being of the other residents.

Can I bring my pet to the residence?

Of course! We know that our little hairy friends are often part of the family, and it would be unthinkable to part with them. That’s why, during your move, you can be accompanied by your cat, bird, or small dog of 12 pounds or less. Mira dogs are also welcome.

Are your residences designed for independent seniors?

Le Groupe Maurice residences are mainly designed for independent seniors, offering a setting synonymous with freedom and creativity. We favour fine dining and a variety of amenities and activities that will let you flourish in a safe and comfortable environment.

We also have Signature care units for short-term, convalescence or long-term stays for residents who are semi-independent or suffering a loss of independence.