You have questions? We have answers! In this FAQ, we have compiled your most common questions to guide you in your decision-making journey.

If you have an additional question, do not hesitate to call us at 1-833-546-4546.

Do you do night rounds to make sure everything is fine in the care units?

Yes. At night, rounds are made every two hours. During the day, rounds are conducted every hour between 7am and 10pm.

My loved one doesn’t usually go to activities or the dining room on their own. Is there any assistance for this?

You’re advised to express this concern while meeting with the Director of Nursing. This will ensure that the staff encourages your loved one to join the other residents.

Can my loved one bring their own furniture like an armchair, television, etc.?

Absolutely. But for safety reasons, our Director of Nursing must approve the items you wish to bring. For example, furniture that is too cumbersome could affect the resident’s safety. However, the bed frame and mattress provided here conform to government standards that we are obliged to respect. That said, they cannot be substituted for your own.

Can I go to the pool or dining room with my loved one? What about the common areas?

Family members are welcome in the care department at all times without a predefined visiting schedule. An assessment by the Director of Nursing will determine whether your loved one can safely visit certain areas of the residence with you.

I’d like to help. Can I perform certain procedures myself?

Nursing care and assistance are provided by the staff of the care unit. Your involvement and concern for your loved one is of course welcome, but cannot replace the professional care offered by our staff. This care forms part of the personalized care plan established by the Director of Nursing for safety reasons.

How many nurses and attendants are there in each residence?

A Director of Nursing is on site 5 days a week for 24 hours a day. The number of licensed practical nurses and resident attendants varies according to the complex and the total number of residents, both autonomous and those with loss of autonomy. For all residences with care units, an auxiliary nurse is available at all times.

Do you have a doctor on site who can take care of my loved one's file?

The schedule and frequency of a doctor on site varies from one residence to another. The doctor’s time is primarily dedicated to residents of the care units. It is thus possible for a care unit resident to have the doctor take charge of their medical file.

If you can no longer accommodate my loved one, will you help me relocate him?

Certainly. We will support you throughout the relocation process to establish contact with the public health system.

What are the rules for admission into a care unit?

To take advantage of the services offered in our care units, an individual must require nursing care and assistance 1 to 3 hours a day. Other health or behavioural issues may also be considered. Please refer to the care department of the residence for more information.